Texas Pays Bus Company $75 Million To Relocate Migrants

(NewsReady.com) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has shipped tens of thousands of immigrants out of his state over the last year. The Republican shipped the migrants to sanctuary cities and states to show Democratic lawmakers how dire the border crisis is. Now, there’s new information about how much the state has paid for the program.

Texas has bussed more than 50,000 immigrants to New York City, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and other Democratic cities. According to 13 Investigates, the Texas Department of Emergency Management revealed it paid Wynne Transportation more than $75.5 million between August 2022 and August 2023.

A spokesperson for Abbott, Andrew Mahaleris, said the governor “launched the border bus mission […] to provide support to [Texas’] overrun and overwhelmed border communities” as President Joe Biden’s administration released thousands from immigration custody. He went on to say the NGOs and border officials have requested more resources from the president to deal with his “reckless open border policies.” Despite the cost, Mahaleris said the state won’t stop busing migrants to sanctuary cities until the border is secured.

In recent weeks, Biden has allowed construction to restart on 20 miles of border wall in Texas. The administration had to waive 26 federal laws to get the project going. The decision infuriated Democratic groups. For his part, the president claimed he had to allow the project to move forward because Congress allocated funding for it.

Biden has also allowed his administration to fast-track work authorization for asylum seekers who are waiting for news regarding their cases. Currently, when the administration releases asylum seekers into the country’s interior, the migrants have to rely on organizations and other individuals to support them. That has put a lot of pressure on border communities and the sanctuary cities where Abbott is shipping migrants.

Still, the border crisis remains one of the most defining issues of Biden’s presidency and his reelection campaign.

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