The Back to the Office Battles Are Done

( – During the national health emergency, millions of Americans were sent home from the office to work remotely. When the country began returning to normal, many companies began requiring workers to come back to the office and firing those who refused. A new survey found CEOs are done with the office wars.

The Conference Board released the “C-Suite Outlook 2024: Leading for Tomorrow” report on January 10. According to the 158 CEOs who responded to the survey, only six of them intend to prioritize bringing people back to the office full-time in 2024. Meanwhile, 27% cited maintaining a hybrid work schedule—where the employee works in the office some of the time and from home the rest of the time—as a priority for the new year.

Axios reported that Diana Scott, the Conference Board’s human capital center leader, was blunt. “The battle is over,” she said. She explained that CEOs have “many other issues” to worry about.

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, was a vocal advocate for employees returning to the office. Although he requires the company’s senior executives to work from the office during the week, those who are lower on the totem poll are allowed to work from home two days per week.

Not everyone is jumping on the hybrid work train. Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly Twitter), SpaceX, and Tesla, has called working from home “morally wrong.” When he bought Twitter, he ordered all of its employees to get back to the office and fired those who didn’t.

Future Forum Co-founder Brian Elliott elaborated, saying that news stories about CEOs who are demanding workers get back to the office get a lot of attention, but that isn’t the norm. He said CEOs are “actually quietly becoming more flexible.” He went on to say that executives want to keep their employees satisfied and don’t believe that fighting with them is worth it.

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