This is How the Virus Impacts Big Businesses

This is How the Virus Impacts Big Businesses

( – America is feeling the impact of the coronavirus. Employees and employers are finding ways to adapt to the upheaval. However, the food industry is having a particularly rough time.

Big businesses are also feeling the impact of COVID-19. At least 30 major retailers have temporarily closed their stores. Apple and Nike are closing their stores until at least through March 27.

Some companies, like Walmart, are closing early to clean and stock the stores.

Sadly, workers in some industries are being let go until the virus is contained. For example, travel agencies are cutting workers and a stage-lighting company in Orlando laid off over 100 of its workers.

President Donald Trump and Congress are actively looking for ways to relieve the pressure on businesses and the rest of the economy. Hopefully, an emergency spending bill will pass soon, because Americans desperately need it.

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  1. By the way, GOD is helping us all… whom do you think is leading Trump and his professionals make necessary critical decisions everyday???? OUR LORD!!!

  2. Ahem, excuse me you must be a democrat!!!!! We have excellent leadership going through this medical crisis. He is not only working on medical measures to save our country, but economical ones as well. This is a president that cares about the American people, not power and money in corruption!

  3. We didn’t know it would be this epidemic . But since were in it now , let’s do our best to keep it from spreading and will be fine in no time , patience and positive thinking is the best remedy …

  4. Since when should the government be responsible for people when a virus occurs in another country? When it came here the president began making ways to help!!!!

  5. This should have been done in January when the virus started not waiting til the final hour! We have poor leadership based on lies and corruption. God help us all…….

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