This “TREND” Among Children Is Getting Violent!

Is Violent Crime by Kids on the Rise in America?

Is Violent Crime by Kids on the Rise in America?

( – Crime is up across many cities across the US. Conservatives have been sounding the alarm about the problem for more than a year. It’s not just adults who are committing violent offenses, though.

Hundreds of thousands of juveniles were accused of committing crimes in 2020: the most recent year data is available. Fox News Digital reported the Justice Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) released statistics over the summer showing that while arrests for underage offenders were down 78% from their highest peak in 1994, 424,300 were arrested. At least 8% of those detentions involved violent crimes. Children across the country have been involved in gun crimes, murders, and carjackings.

Teenagers in Washington were accused of following a mom this fall and stealing her car at gunpoint. In March, teenagers carjacked a 73-year-old woman and then dragged her to her death. In St. Petersburg, Florida, three teens stole a 2016 Maserati; the 15-year-old driver lost control while speeding, and one of his passengers died while he and his other friend suffered critical injuries. A quick internet search shows dozens of crimes committed by children.

Joseph Giacalone, a former commanding officer for the NYPD’s Bronx Cold Case Squad, told Fox he believes the penalties kids face are tough enough to deter them from committing crimes. He lashed out, saying neither the schools nor the kids’ parents are taking disciplinary action to correct the behavior. That means police officers are forced to deal with out-of-control juveniles.

Do you think more discipline is needed?

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