Three Dead After Severe Storms Wake Deadly Creatures

Three Dead After Severe Storms Wake Deadly Creatures

( – Aswan, Egypt, recently grappled with torrential downpours. The rain impacted much of the southern region of the country. Those storms led to the emergence of a deadly creature that has left multiple people dead.

Aswan Health Ministry Undersecretary Ehab Hanafy told Al-Ahram the storms flushed swarms of Arabian fat-tailed scorpions out of their dens. The scorpions have stung more than 500 people, reportedly killing 3 of the victims. According to IFLScience, that particular species of scorpion is very dangerous because of its venom which contains a variety of toxins. A sting can lead to swelling, redness, intense pain along with heart, vision, and respiratory problems.

Photos posted to social media show scorpions all over the ground in the region.

Officials are warning people to stay inside of their homes until the weather subsides. They’ve also been told to avoid standing under trees, as the insects could fall onto unsuspecting victims. The governor limited traffic to prevent accidents related to flooding, as well.

Hospitals have been administering anti-venom to an influx of patients stung by the deadly scorpions. Generally, the medicine can neutralize the venom, but time is of the essence. Someone who has experienced a sting needs to seek medical attention immediately.

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