Tom Cotton Thinks Hunter Biden Under Investigation for Much More Than Tax Fraud

Tom Cotton Thinks Hunter Biden Under Investigation For Much More Than Tax Fraud


  • Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation for tax crimes. 
  • Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) is trying to protect the probe from a potential Joe Biden presidency. 
  • Attorney General Bill Barr would have to step in to appoint a special counsel. 
  • Republicans have warned about Hunter’s potentially dirty dealings for months, but the press ignored their concerns.

( – Republicans have been trying to raise the alarm about Hunter Biden for years. There was just something that didn’t smell right about his business dealings overseas. For instance, not only did Joe Biden’s son sit on the board of a Ukrainian energy company Burisma, but he was still there making thousands of dollars every month.

Many people wondered if Hunter’s dad was helping him secure positions at foreign companies, knowingly or unknowingly, when the New York Post published the bombshell article about his business dealings after reportedly gaining access to his laptop. On December 9, the former vice president’s son admitted he was the target of a criminal investigation related to his taxes. But, some Republicans aren’t buying it.

More Than Taxes?

Senator Tom Cotton thinks the investigation into Hunter goes beyond the tax crimes he may have committed. The lawmaker said the Biden family “has been trading on” Joe Biden’s position as an election official for “50 years.” The senator is now calling on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to appoint a special counsel to look into the former vice president’s son.

Cotton worries that if Biden wins the presidential race and is sworn into office, he can fire the prosecutors who are looking into his son. The only way to preserve the probe is to insulate it from his meddling.

Another Special Counsel

If Attorney General Bill Barr appoints a special counsel to maintain the integrity of the investigation, it will be the second time he has insulated a probe from a potential Biden administration.

In early December, the AG notified Congress he appointed US Attorney John Durham as special counsel to keep the investigation into the origins of the Russia probe safe from Biden’s interference. However, it’s possible the former vice president could keep the American people from knowing what happened by never publishing Durham’s report. If Hunter Biden isn’t indicted, it’s possible the same thing could happen.

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