Top Official STABBED – It Was His Own Family Member!

Republican District Attorney Stabbed by His Own Daughter

Republican District Attorney Stabbed by His Own Daughter

( – The United States is in the midst of a serious mental health crisis, and there aren’t enough resources to fix it. An Oklahoma GOP district attorney is now calling on lawmakers to increase funding after he experienced a traumatic attack.

On Tuesday, September 27, Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin posted a tweet reporting District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler, 60, suffered injuries from a stabbing. The alleged perpetrator is the DA’s 30-year-old daughter, Jennifer Kunzweiler.

According to reports, police arrested Jennifer Kunzweiler and took her to the hospital to receive treatment for self-inflicted stab wounds. Her father suffered injuries to his midsection and arm, too. It’s unclear what unfolded at the family home during the attack. However, DA Kunzweiler spoke out after the incident and made it clear what he believed was the real problem.

WHSV reported that Kunzweiler spoke to reporters for almost 10 minutes following the attack. He explained his family “endured one of the toughest days” of their lives, but believes lawmakers need to make mental health treatment “a priority.” Police Capt. Richard Meulenberg told the press that police “know there is some mental illness” at play, but have not interviewed the DA’s daughter.

Kunzweiler put the situation into perspective, telling the reporters, “Fortunately, my daughter is alive, I’m alive.”

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