Top Political Shows on Netflix

Top Political Shows on Netflix
  • Netflix spends more than $150 million on its recommendation system each year.
  • People tend to spend an average of 2 minutes looking for a title before moving to another app.
  • Newer-model Teslas are going to come equipped with the ability to stream Netflix.
  • Netflix has spent billions of dollars acquiring content.

If you’re like many Americans, you might be spending a bit more time indoors trying to avoid the snow and slush outside your door. Why not settle down with some of these interesting, informative and entertaining political shows on Netflix?


This documentary gives you intimate access to Mitt Romney and his family. You can see what they experienced while on the campaign trail against Barack Obama in 2012. This can be a great show to watch with family members who might have political beliefs different from yours because it doesn’t actually go into his political beliefs, it just shows the human side of a popular politician.

House of Cards (UK)

While most Americans are familiar with our version of House of Cards, you’re missing out if you don’t check out the UK version as well. Broadcast in 1990, you can catch an interesting glimpse of recent British history and learn a bit more about how their government works.

The Edge of Democracy

While telling the story of Brazil’s nascent democracy during the 1990s, the show explores all the corruption and scandal that lead to the downfall of Dilma Rousseff and the election of Jair Bolsonaro. The new president of Brazil is featured in The Edge of Democracy, which makes it very interesting to see.

There’s no better time than the present to log into your account and check out these shows. Who knows, it might lead you to even more recommendations.

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