Top Trump Adviser Explains Why GOP Is in a Strong Position

Top Trump Adviser Explains Why GOP Is in a Strong Position
  • Democrats currently hold slim majorities in the House and Senate.
  • In 2020, Republicans overperformed in the House, shrinking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) majority significantly.
  • Republicans are hoping to take back power in 2022.
  • Former President Donald Trump has said he’ll make a decision about whether to run after the midterms.

( – Two months into the Biden administration and the Democratic Party is trying to push through many of their leftist agenda items. On March 11, they managed to use budget reconciliation to pass the $1.9-trillion stimulus package, and now they’re turning their attention to infrastructure, tax increases, and immigration reform.

Although Republicans may feel depressed about the current direction of the country, one of the former advisers to the 45th President Donald Trump believes things are not as bad as they might seem.

A Very Good Position

On March 17, Jack Kingston spoke to the Dailymotion’s “Conflict Zone” about the state of the GOP and he said it’s in a “very good position” right now. He explained that there are three reasons why he believes that:

  • Historically, the party that is in the White House loses the House and Senate in the midterm elections.
  • Joe Biden might not even “[make] it four years.” Kingston pointed to the president forgetting the name of his defense secretary and said that “scares everybody.”
  • Popular figures within the Democratic Party, including Gov. Gavin Newsom (CA) and Andrew Cuomo (NY), are facing trouble.

Kingston also said that the GOP might seem fractured right now, but they will “sort through” their problems.

Midterm Elections

The 2022 elections are right around the corner. If the GOP can mobilize and nail down a message, they have a real shot at taking back Congress. That would put them in a position to stop Biden’s agenda in its tracks and protect the rights of the American people.

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