Travel Ban Extensions Under Consideration

Travel Ban Extensions Under Consideration

( – In January 2017, President Trump initiated a travel ban via executive order to try and protect America from terrorist threats. Attempting to achieve a sort of symmetry, Trump is planning to extend travel bans to more countries on the anniversary of his initial order. An outline of the plans is circulating among White House staffers, though countries on the new list are blacked out.

This plan hasn’t been approved yet, so people are speculating about which countries are likely to be included on the travel ban. According to officials who wish to remain anonymous, seven countries are on the list, many of which have a majority Muslim population.

Some believe that the new travel ban extension could include countries previously omitted from Trump’s original order. Those countries included Iraq, Sudan, and Chad before the Supreme Court denied that measure. Pressure from protesters and legislative challenges were key factors in the Supreme Court’s decision.

Currently, the most recent version of the travel ban includes Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, and North Korea.

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