Trolls Strike Against 2020 DNC Candidates

Trolls Strike Against 2020 DNC Candidates

( – “The Good Liars” is a comedic team effort between Jason Selvig and Davram Stieflier. Hailing from New York City, they traveled to Iowa to make a statement to the DNC presidential candidates just before the caucuses start. The duo poked fun at each candidate as a way to display their political leanings.

An individual who appeared to be Selvig jokingly asked Joe Biden what he should do after his wife leaving him. Biden offered to give the man advice after the event, but Selvig refused to give ground. Biden remarked, “I’m beginning to see why your wife left you.”

Selvig also attempted to crash a Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) event by kneeled before her and asked, “Will you be my candidate for president?” Warren’s reaction was both composed and confused.

Both Selvig and Sieflier were also seen at an Andrew Yang event calling him a robot in reference to Yang’s narrative about machines and automation taking over menial jobs.

Overall, the comedy duo brought a little humor, awkwardness, confusion, and fun to some of the most recent presidential events in Iowa.

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