Trump Administration Sues to Stop Book

Trump Administration Sues to Stop Book

( – For months, the Trump Administration and former National Security Advisor (NSA) John Bolton have been locked in a disagreement over the memoir he wants to publish. When the official left the White House, he decided to write a tell-all book. Now, the executive branch is suing Bolton to stop publication.

On June 16, the Trump Administration filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of Columbia to stop the release of Bolton’s book. The government believes his memoir will compromise our national security and accuses him of breaching a contract.

The lawsuit states Bolton’s book is “allegedly worth about $2 million” and it’s “rife with classified information.”

The former NSA’s lawyer, Chuck Cooper, denies the book has any classified information in it. The publishing company, Simon & Schuster, is standing behind Bolton.

It seems odd though, doesn’t it? Less than a year after he departed the administration, he’s got a book coming out? It’s almost as if he’s trying to profit off of his former position. How can people trust someone doing that?

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  1. You can’t even attempt to compare Trump to other former Presidents….he is so far out whack that it’s impossible to compare, comprehend or even know what the hell he stands for..he changes his mind after most statements he makes….because whatever comes out of his mouth hasn’t been researched….because he thinks he’s so smart when he comes across as the most stupid, narcissist President ever elected to this position. We are the joke of the world…especially to those dangerous leaders in countries that are loving to see what he is doing to our great country that it has always been….way before Trump came on the scene. His followers are people who are just like him….ego nut cases that think they know everything and no one else is allowed an opinion. That’s not what America is about. He has only torn down everything we have stood for…families fighting and not speaking over this idiot…he’s a disgrace.. But then the entire system is corrupt and eventually even the “good” guys get taken in on deals and then have to live with dumb decisions made to keep their positions. Bolton’s book is just the beginning to what’s to come once Trump isn’t the “boss” over many…the money to be made on this one will be something else!

  2. He needs to be booted out of office ASAP . Worst President ever 18,000 plus lies and he is a racist and bigot. Only one who refuses to show his taxes where everybody else does what’s he hiding. He is definitely a White Supremist.

    • Your a idiot probably a commie to boot if you don’t have hard proof keep your opinions to yourself

  3. Trump is a worthless SOB, the biggest liar in the world, hasn’t done much for the country. He is always bragging about highest employment rates in the world, yea they were already there that Obama had done. He likes to take the credit of anything that he can. The economy is doing fine and it’s not like he did it because he really hasn’t done anything with the economy. He is very disrespectful with the people and could care less who he is cutting down. Many things that he says about others is really himself. It describes him as he is. . He needs to look far inside of himself every time he speaks. He needs to stay in the office more and leave his golf for once in a while. He plays more golf then what Obama did in 8 years, huh?

    • I think your confused if obama wasn’t playing golf he was on vacation the vacations president ever accomplished absolutely zero in office you sound like a communist

  4. Trump has done nothing but cause hate and division among Americans.
    Constant whinging from Trump about other people.
    All about him. Just him.
    Him and communist leaders.
    I can’t wait until he retires.

  5. Trumpers get the news from Trump or Fox News.
    They don’t have the brain power to fact check most of his made up bullshit.
    Back in the ninety’s he was thinking of running for the reform party. Then, he was thinking Dem or Republican party. Finally he said Republican party because he knew Republicans would believe anything he said. And there you go. At least he was correct on this.
    He’s laughing all the way to the bank and with your money.
    What happened to the wall?
    Some of it got torn down and dragged to Mexico as fencing.
    His wall to keep illegals out was a flop when we have so many sanctuary cities.
    Illegals everywhere.

  6. Lesley, and the rest of you anti-Trump people are all got to be crazy. Don’t you see all he has done for our country and for all of you to make your life better. He has done more for the people than Obama or any other president before him in the three and a half yrs. he has been in office so wake up and admit the truth that he is the greatest President since slice bread!!!!

  7. All of you who have made disparaging and untrue remarks about the president are just trying to cover you asses. Everyone who thinks knows that the democrats are criminals and have done everything you are accusing Pres. Trump of doing. So shut your “friggin” mouths. The democrats are the party of slavery and still, through the “Great Society” have managed to ruin the nation by ruining family values, promoting fatherless children, the use of drugs, destroying the economy, and participating in international graft and corruption. Shame on all of you!

    • Ed you are so very right and I commend you for that!! Keep up the good work in keeping everyone informed of how great President Trump is. Thank you for that!!

  8. This is the most crooked SOB that has occupied the white house and I do not believe any of the crap that spews out of his mouth. He does not know how to speak the truth! I will never respect anyone that supports him and I believe he bought off the electoral college to get in office. I and millions of Americans are still waiting for his tax returns. I do not believe that anyone that cannot prove they pay taxes should be able to approve or disapprove how our country spends money. Specially when he did not receive a majority of American votes. To me that is worse than communism or whatever your belief may be.

  9. I am of the opinion that Bolton refused to testify at the impeachment hearing because all the stuff in his book would already be out there
    And the book would not sell

  10. AI and Trolls. They make us seek the truth and we have found it. 👍 I love my President. Sorry for you.

    • Trump has done nothing but cause hate and division among Americans.
      Constant whinging from Trump about other people.
      All about him. Just him.
      Him and communist leaders.
      I can’t wait until he retires.

  11. Bolton must be a liberal that’s working with the democrats to try and discredit the trump administration, trying to stop him from getting re-elected. Giving away classified information while lying about the President Trump. I think that’s should be called treason

    • Comical response. We all know how inept and crooked Trump is. His incompetence has been clearly demonstrated for 3.5+ years. And lately, more clear than ever. Wish Bolton could have stepped up during impeachment and 100k lives would have been saved.

    • You guys need to get your heads out of your asses and see what is really going on! Would a truly great president have a nazi emblem on his crap he is selling with his putrid face on it? Hell no a great president wouldn’t! He has divided this country and spread more hate than anyone has ever done. He is a filthy lying piece of shit!

  12. Bolton should be stoped! Nothing but a disgruntled employee. Maybe Clovis 19 can visit him.😄

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