Trump Advises AOC on Senate Run

Trump Advises AOC on Senate Run

( – President Donald Trump paid one of his harshest critics a (probably unwelcome) compliment Monday morning. He backed Democrat calls for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to try for a seat in the Senate.

Trump’s remarks seem to have been prompted by an article in the Washington Post quoting a senior advisor to Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT). They said the fastest way to reform the “corrupt, do-nothing, status-quo-protecting culture of the national Democratic Party” would be for the radical congresswoman to beat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a Senate primary.

This isn’t the first time the president has encouraged AOC to stand against Schumer. A few months ago Trump said she would “kick his a**” in a contest.

AOC isn’t ruling the idea out, either; in April she was asked point-blank if she’d consider it and replied “I don’t know.” At this point, it’s anyone’s guess whether she’ll run or not.

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  1. If the immigrants are working and paying into Medicare, they should be eligible for Medicare. If they don’t contribute, they should not be eligible.

    In regard to Schumer, we ought to have a good Republican running that could beat him, not have to take a Democrat to get rid of him.

  2. Sure you can,but you are still a racist. The only thing that is ruining this country is Supreme Leader President Bonespur and his regime, Moscow Mitch, the treasonous GOP, and the mindless republicans and other white supremacists that support him.

  3. Would be a good way to get rid of either AOC or Chuck, since both can’t win the same seat, guess their too dumb to know that thought,

  4. Hey, I’m a Demo., but I’m all for her to replace schumer. I think she may be able to get something done. I’ll vote for her. I know I have ole schumer in small letters, because he is small.

  5. Taking her words at face value, AOC is truly a socialist.

    But Schumer has led a truly unusual life.

    After Harvard College Schumer went straight to Harvard Law School. After finishing HLS and passing the bar, he got into politics and has never done another thing. At least AOC served drinks after BU to learn sth. about how normal working people face.

    Since he was 18 y.o., Schumer has never been the real world. Tho’ the world of politics can be very rough, it is not a reality most citisens know. After so long in politics, what Schumer calls a full day’s work would shock decision-makers outside. Furthermore, Schumer will go whichever way he senses the wind blows as he always has.

    If that way is socialist, Schumer will sound like a socialist. If the Dems ever trended towards economic reality, he would be one of the biggest mouthpieces for that.

    It seems Trump is for cleaning the sh** out of the Senate. Too bad Trump is not for cleaning the sh** out of the White House too.

  6. You kidding me. She will demand to be majority leader which is nothing more than replacing one socialist with another. Then we have 2 pathetic socialist women as senators. Just a lesson in identity politics. See how wonderful the Congress is with all these abortion loving lowlifes in congress. Identity politics and political correctness is destroying this country. Personally I do not participate in either. Americans who live this country need to be as least politically correct and reject identity politics. Both of these philosophies have produced real losers in our political, academia and MSM. Don’t forget Hollywood and professional sports and tech companies. All are enemies of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There philosophy is Death, anarchism and the pursuit of misery.

  7. What difference dies it make. Both of them are socialists who support Antifa and BLM both anarchist groups founded and funded by criminal George Soros. Both are poor excuses for Americans. I consider both enemy of the people. I live n NY half the year. My vote was always wasted in NY. Nothing but lying, anarchist dems in office and majority. The people of NY city are the ones guilty of electing these A holes every election year. Can’t change stupid. One has to be a flaming socialist to elect Diblasio, Schumer and AOC not to mention Gillibrand and Cuomo. Really pathetic.

    • Where do you live the other 6 months? North Korea or Russia? The only thing pathetic is your comments!

    • AOC should have been arrested long ago, and sent away, very far away. God help this Country if she is elected for any thing. She will do more to hurt this Country then any politician could ever do. Bill

    • Jerry

      First of all, ignore Dan. Pathetic.
      You make a good point about the loss of your vote. Just think of the majority of the US who would lose their vote if it were not for the Electoral College. NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco and the like would have the only vote that matters.

  8. I am all for her doing that!!! She can move Schumer out and herself go to the bottom of the Senate totem pole (can I say that without being a racist)?

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