Trump Agrees to 4-Hour Debate

Trump Agrees to 4-Hour Debate

( – President Donald Trump has been itching to participate in more debates with Joe Biden before the election. He even asked the Commission on Presidential Debates to approve a fourth debate. That request was denied, but there’s now a chance for the candidates to have an unofficial match-up.

On Monday, September 14, Trump said he would be up to a four-hour debate with Biden. The match-up would be moderated by comedian Joe Rogan.

Trump loves to debate, and he’s good at it. His performances during the 2015 Republican Primary propelled him from longshot candidate to GOP nominee. Then, in 2016, he trounced Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and went on to win the White House.

Trump and his allies have made it clear they believe he will once again win the election, especially if he can show America how inept Biden is during the debates. Whether or not the Democrat is going to agree to go against the president in a four-hour match-up is unclear.

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