Trump Aiming for Peace in the Middle East

Trump Aiming for Peace in the Middle East
  • The Palestinian Authority was established in May 1994.
  • The Worldwide reaction is mixed.
  • Iran issues a strong statement in opposition.
  • Someone must make the first overture.

( – The impeachment trial in the Senate keeps meandering along with both sides making sure the political posturing stays center stage. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues doing what presidents are supposed to do: deal with the rest of the world.

The president, alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, unveiled a plan designed to bring about peaceful relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). As with most negotiations, the initial proposal contains what would be the US-Israeli vision in a perfect world.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas in his immediate forceful, if not unexpected, reply said, “We say a thousand times, no, no, no to the deal of the century…” This is not an unreasonable response to the first proffering in an extremely long conflict that has cost countless lives on both sides.

Ambassadors from other countries in the region, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Oman attended the presentation in a tacit show of support of something that can be a stepping stone to lasting peace. Egypt and Qatar also supported the beginnings of talks between the two nations.

However, support was certainly not universal. Pakistan, Turkey and Iran were among some countries that supported the PA point of view. They tend to view this as a Western attempt to erase the nation from the map. Hesameddin Ashena, an advisor to Iranian President Rouhani did not mince words on Twitter saying:

“This is a deal between the Zionist regime (Israel) and America. Interaction with Palestinians is not on its agenda. This is not a peace plan but a plan of imposition and sanctions”

Some pundits are claiming this is some master plot to not only destroy any Palestinian state now and any future presence but to grant Israel total dominion over the region with the backing of the United States. If one were to make the implausible assumption that the Western nations, including the US and Israel, would suddenly go to war after 50 plus years of negotiation this interpretation might have some credibility.

Fewer alarmist commentators and heads of state see this for what it is, the first step. Someone somewhere must be the first to say, “Let’s start here and see if we can work this out.” That’s what President Trump did while his political rivals conspire to overturn the last election.

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