Trump and Biden Agree on Something??

Trump and Biden Agree on Something??

( – The “Defund the Police” movement is sweeping through the Democratic Party. Their 2020 presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, does not support it, though. For once, it looks like he and President Donald Trump are on the same page.

On June 8, President Trump held a roundtable discussion with law enforcement officials. During his meeting, he assured them there “won’t be defunding” or “dismantling” of police departments. The commander-in-chief went on to commend officers across America, saying “99 percent” of those who uphold the law are “great people.”

The president and his allies just want to keep Americans safe. Reducing funding for law enforcement would not help that endeavor. President Trump has made it perfectly clear it won’t happen under his watch; Democrats would be smart to listen to him.

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