Trump Announces G-7 Location

Trump Announces G-7 Location

After minor controversy regarding the location of the next G-7 summit, President Trump has announced a new location for the meeting. Political concerns that surfaced in October over the choice of the Dorsal resort forced Trump to reconsider his decision. The announcement of the new location seems to have conciliated issues among politicians.

Initially proposed to be held at Trump’s Dorsal resort in Florida, Camp David, Maryland will now host the G-7 summit. Camp David is 62 miles away from America’s capital, making access to the White House easy in the event that the summit chooses to travel there. Trump stated he has “some very special things” in store for the summit, though he didn’t elaborate.

“I think it’s been more or less announced we’re going to do it at Camp David. It will be at Camp David, which is a place that people like.”


The G-7 summit occurs on June 10, 2020. Details are anticipated.

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