Trump Bans Investments in Chinese Companies Supporting Military

Trump Bans Investments in Chinese Companies Supporting Military
  • The Trump Administration is taking action against the Chinese, again. 
  • As of January 11, Americans will not be allowed to invest in companies tied to the Chinese military.
  • China is accused of launching cyber-attacks against the US and building up its military. 
  • This is the most recent attempt by the president to stop the Communist government’s attacks on America.

( – The US-China relationship has broken down over the last year. Although there were tensions throughout President Donald Trump’s tenure, he was able to work with the country on a historic trade deal. The American leader made it clear that he was sick of, what he believed to be, his country being taken advantage of by the Communist government and set about making that right.

However, COVID-19 completely destroyed the relationship between the two countries. China is accused of hiding the outbreak in order to stock up on its own supplies. That led to a delayed reaction by the US government to contain the virus and contributed to the more than 230,000 deaths in the country. But that’s not all; the Communist government is also accused of stealing American intellectual property.

Now, President Trump has made another move against China.

Severing Ties

On Thursday, November 12, the White House announced the president signed an executive order that prevents Americans from investing in dozens of companies that are allegedly supporting or tied to the Chinese military.

According to the executive action, China is “increasingly exploiting” the US in order to build its military and “threaten” America’s “forces overseas.” The country is modernizing its armed forces, launching cyber-attacks, and developing weapons of mass destruction.

Other Actions Against China

This is just the latest action the US is taking against the Chinese government. In July, the State Department announced sanctions against China’s paramilitary organization over alleged human rights violations. The country is accused of the mass detention of at least 1 million Uighurs, a group of ethnic Muslims.

It’s apparent that Trump is growing tired of what he believes to be the Chinese government walking all over the US. No matter the outcome of the presidential election, he’s making sure the country is protected.

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