Trump Beats Obama — Again

Trump Beats Obama — Again

( – The mainstream media (MSM) has been pushing the “Biden is going to win” line really hard. It’s like watching 2016 play out all over again. If you only paid attention to them, you might think Americans don’t even like President Donald Trump. A new poll shows voters actually like him — a lot.

On August 3, Rasmussen reported Trump’s approval rating was 51%.

Six years ago, on August 3, 2012, in the middle of former President Barack Obama’s campaign, his approval was a mere 44%. Trump’s rating is seven points higher. And, remember, Obama went on to be reelected less than 100 days later.

Does this mean Trump is going to win in November? We couldn’t answer that. However, these poll numbers are definitely good news for the president, especially since he gets so much negative coverage in the media.

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