Trump Blocks Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to California as DOJ Takes Legal Action

Trump Blocks Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars To California As DOJ Takes Legal Action

( – In January, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) determined California’s 2014 action mandating all private health insurers operating in the state provide abortion coverage was illegal. HHS Office for Civil Rights Director Roger Severino said the state must “stop forcing people of goodwill” to pay for “the taking of human life.” The Trump administration is now taking action.

On Thursday, December 16, HHS announced it would withhold $200 million of federal Medicaid funds if the state doesn’t put a stop to the mandate. In a letter, HHS Secretary Alex Azar said the Trump administration has worked to “protect religious freedom and conscience rights” and California is in violation of the laws.

At a pro-life event at the White House on Thursday afternoon, Azar commended the administration for their work.

As for California, Governor Gavin Newsom accused the president of ripping healthcare away from people. Because, somehow, it will be Trump’s fault if Newsom doesn’t follow the law.

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