Trump Calls Out Biden On Police Funding

Trump Calls Out Biden On Police Funding

( – President Donald Trump got into a heated debate with Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday, July19, after he said the president’s rival, Joe Biden, wants to defund the police. Wallace challenged that assertion, claiming Biden is opposed to that particular piece of insanity – a claim that’s also made by Biden’s campaign.

However, look under the hood and, while Biden doesn’t actually use the words “defund the police,” he’s calling for all the same things as the people who do use them.

Joe Biden has openly said he wants to redirect police funding to other agencies, including social workers and drug treatment. However, those agencies won’t be able to take on traditional police tasks.

Biden’s campaign claims he wants to spend an extra $300 million on “community policing,” but it’s clear this won’t mean more officers on the streets. Instead, it’ll be spent on things like “diversifying police departments” and buying more body cameras.

At the end of the day, the former vice president may not directly call for defunding the police, but the results of his policies are effectively the same.

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