Trump Campaign Censored 65 Times While Biden Left Untouched (REPORT)

Trump Campaign Censored 65 Times While Biden Left Untouched (REPORT)

( – Big Tech has been under fire for months. The companies are accused of repeatedly censoring President Donald Trump and other Republicans. A new report details just how far social media companies are going.

According to an October 19 report by the Media Resource Center, Twitter has labeled or fact-checked President Donald Trump’s tweets and those from his campaign 64 times. Facebook was responsible for the other censorship incident. Meanwhile, Joe Biden was not targeted at all.

The organization’s website, NewsBusters, said Twitter was the “biggest offender.” The social media platform has repeatedly taken down the president’s tweets and added warnings to them.

Trump, in turn, is working to roll back some of the liability protections Big Tech benefits from in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. That will leave the companies open to lawsuits if they unfairly censor people, or interfere in the US election like some have accused them of doing.

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