Trump Campaign Is Paying for a Wisconsin Recount (REPORT)

Trump Campaign Is Paying for a Wisconsin Recount (REPORT)

( – The election was more than two weeks ago and President Donald Trump is still fighting hard to make sure it was free and fair. In fact, his campaign is putting its own money on the line to do just that.

On November 18, the Trump campaign filed for a recount in two Wisconsin counties, Dane and Milwaukee. The president’s team is spending roughly $3 million on the effort after claiming the state’s Elections Commission ordered poll workers to “illegally alter incomplete ballots.”

The Trump campaign also believes the state allowed government officials to circumvent voter ID laws meant to ensure only legal voters are casting ballots. Jim Troupis, a member of the president’s legal team, said voters deserve the truth about the election process and should know whether it was “legal and transparent.”

Election officials in the state maintain there was no fraud or illegal activity. If that’s the case, that’s great. The Trump team just wants to be sure of it.

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