Trump Campaign Sues Over Russia Story

Trump Campaign Sues Over Russia Story

( – After years of being on the receiving end of negative press, President Trump is now on the offensive to some of the news networks that have wronged him the most.

The New York Times (NYT) published an article accusing Trump and Russia of colluding together to win him the 2016 election. The Mueller investigation found nothing to substantiate those claims.

Trump is now suing the NYT for this false opinion about the alleged collaboration with Russia during the election.

Additionally, Trump is going after CNN and MSNBC and accusing them of overblowing the coronavirus situation, which is causing stock markets to crash and the public to panic.

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  2. I agree with most commenters but I have to also say that no one & I mean no one has the courage to say that there is an international cartel that pulls the strings of the puppets!

    Are there no readers among our populace who has read history or books by well regarded authors who have penned the story we are living today.

    The same group of individuals who established the Federal Reserve Board are behind the dynamics of the Corona virus. They arranged the mortgage debacle & banking crisis of 2008 & are on the verge of letting loose another crisis!

    The Bush family are deeply committed to the ‘One World Order.’ The oil holdings of HW Bush, followed by his son are culpable in
    911 & they will be involved in whatever crisis
    comes our way in the next few years!

  3. President Trump is the only one that can make this country stay strong! He is my choice, I have already voted for him by early vote! There are only two groups of people in my world,Republican and SOB’s

  4. Trump is the worst Orange Liar cheater colluder corrupt unintelligent Joker Dictator and he should be locked up Dirty Trump, Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what You’ve got till it’s gone. Stop Donald Trump 2020 before he takes our Democracy away

    • Lady or guy, you are a complete idiot!!! The President is doing a fantastic job and correcting all the BS that the non-US citizen Odumer screwed up. And you don’t see what that joker did to turn us into a Communist country. How dare you follow these type of ideas and claim to be an American!!!

    • What idiots some people are, TRUMP is fixing the mess the USA Was left with by the past administration . Laurie , you have amnesia or stupidity, where in the world are you living at?

    • Laurie, WHY DONT YOU INSTRUCT YOURSELF WITH SOME HISTORY ABOUT SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, and MARXISM? Maybe that way you will learn something worthwhile, and you brain will develop!

  5. I have been telling parents for twenty years to get their kinds out of the Dept. of Liberal Non-Education, and home school! Look at all the mush for brains kids that are now going to vote for Socialism, because they think it’s cool!
    We need to get an American Citizen voter ID Card, to keep the Illegals from voting! Isn’t that foreign interference with our elections? But the Demoturds say that it is RACIAL!! That’s how Republicans lost the House!!! Voter Fraud!!! States have got to clean up their voter registrars, because there is a huge amount of dead people they turn in as voters!

  6. It’s about time!!!! They knowingly tried to ruin our president . Now hopefully they will get what’s coming to them !!!

  7. It’s about time. There’s not one other President who has been attacked and abused and dragged through the mud and was met with resistance at every turn. And yet, he has done more for this country than the last ten put together. And all while defending himself and this country. Trump should be applauded! He will get my vote again.

  8. The Democrat/Socialist/Marxist/Progressive (driven by Political Correctness since the 1920s when it was created by T Roosevelt) then carried on by a Socialist FDR who wanted to cover cup the slaughter of the Jews which Eisenhower exposed after FDR told the military not to let any journalist see that! They should all be ashamed of themselves for doing what they are doing for power! Lock them up!

  9. He is the BEST PRESIDENT since Ronald Reagan. He will definitely get my vote again. Sadly it will not have an impact in this liberal cesspool, called Washington state.

  10. You reap what you have sown. The president himself can not sue while he’s in office. But his campaign office can do it in his best interest. It’s not for the money that they are being sued for. It’s because they have no honor or dignity left anymore. They do what their puppet masters tell them to say and act like they are just ventriloquist dummies. They can make you believe anything they want, because they have help dumb down over 4 generations of people to mindless, dependent equivalent of three year old children.

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