Trump Church Walk Draws Criticism and Praise

Trump Church Walk Draws Criticism and Praise

( – President Donald Trump put governors on notice June 1. The commander-in-chief let the states’ executives know that he’d send in the US military to end the riots if they didn’t do it themselves. After his address to the nation, the president walked off of the White House grounds to St. John’s Episcopal Church across the street. Republicans are cheering his actions while Democrats have their typical meltdown.

The president visited the historic church just one day after rioters lit a fire in its basement. The GOP cheered his act of bravery after he took back Lafayette Square, the epicenter of the Washington, DC riots.

Retaking the area that was subjected to so much violence the night before is a sign of progress.

The president stood in front of the church where Abraham Lincoln prayed during the Civil War. The moment was one of hope and strength. Once again, he showed America how a true leader should behave.

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  1. Show Respect for our President. He is a Great man and will continue to do Great things for our country. Save your hateful words for the enemies that are trying to destroy our country.

  2. If you go to the Bible museum you will see that President Trump’s Bible has been used more than any other president I even made A remark to my daughter look who’s Bob looks the most used President Trump‘s. When you start setting fire to a church and put in red letters the F word and destroy property of people that are trying to make a living and destroy our country that is our everyone’s capital. I pray twice a day for this country and our leaders and in the Bible if you read the Bible it says to prayFor our government some of you need to get your Bible out and read it and you will see that what they’re doing is not a godly deed thank you

  3. The Demorats alway do against President Trump, so support our enemies such as China, Iran..who want to destroy and divide the Americans!
    Destroying action such as Riots, burning the private property are unconstitutional action!

  4. Really great!How can you let petty
    Politics rule the day?!Have you truly lost what and who America stands for. Shame on you Democrat’s,do you have no pride in the flag you wave, and the National Anthem you sing.Wake up to the fact that you can never completely
    buy off your enemies, you only perpetuate them.What the president speaks to, is his the strength and passion to America’s leadership and responsibility to police the world. It is China that has caused all of this current turmoil in the world, and they must
    be dealt with. The Chinese are determined to overthrow America,
    and are a true threat to Democracy.President Trump is the
    only man brave enough to stand in their way. Have you Dems forgotten that you are the land of the brave, so stop selling out to the enemy in order to make political gain.
    Do you realize Trump represents our last hope to remain number one in the world.Wake up your blowing it.

  5. To all……I watch the news almost every waking moment.
    President Trump (if the media were doing their jobs) is the BEST President in my 72 yr life with President Reagan a close second.
    This man somehow gets up every day and just keeps draining the swamp,
    which is so much larger than ever thought……
    and President Obama will go down in history as the very worst
    easily beating out President Carter.
    Our President WILL easily win re-election,
    the house will go back to GOP control,
    Nancy will finally GO,
    the Senate will go to 60/40 with Mitch in charge.
    Then watch Mr Trump roll heads and get this wonderful country roll!

  6. In. My view Trump is the best man to have in the White House to settle this mess that started in the 60’s with LBJ’s “Great Society” . It destroyed the black familys and set the stage for all the government’s give away programs.

  7. You, idiots, have the right to protest but when you incite violence looting and pillaging and destroying people’s property you have lost that right anyone caught looting and such should be shot on sight as they did in New Orleans after Katrina that stopped it very quick. and it should happen now. With what you are doing is not helping your cause you are destroying it.

  8. Emil Hinterthuer

    You should listen to yourself! Shouting everything, suggesting Police should be shooting people for exercising their Constitutional rights? That is NOT American. In fact, America would not exist if they hadn’t protested!

    • You go put your body in one of those Mom & Pop stores and let the BLM or Anti- fa beat the sh## out of you and take all you have worked for, then tell us how you feel, Miss Selfish Hate-filled imbecile. Hurting innocent people or their livelihoods is NOT a protest. Then you can bow down and kiss their feet as they demand of some or get raped.

  9. You should listen to yourself! Shouting everything, suggesting Police should be shooting people for exercising their Constitutional rights? That is NOT American.

  10. Edith Robbins, I respect that you have your own opinions. But you need to be aware that there is a flaw in at least one of them. Our President did not speak against the protestors. He spoke against the rioters – and that, my dear lady is a VERY distinct difference. People have a right to protest and express their angst regarding things that are not as they should be. They do NOT have the right to destroy public and private property and endanger other citizens with uncontrolled rage. This is unacceptable behavior, and our President called them on it. I am grateful that the man, as well as his cohorts, who murdered this citizen is going on trial for murder and manslaughter. It is time to recognize that the justice system is at work, and move on. Incorrectly chastising our President for something he didn’t do or say does not help this dead man or his family get through this horrible time. Straighten up Edith, and explore your facts before you speak out in anger against something that didn’t happen.

    • The people who were outside protesting where he was crossing were NOT rioting. They were peacefully protesting. They did not need to be treated the way they were. It was simply and orchestrated show of strength orchestrated for the cameras while Trump and his entourage walked across to the church. A set up to make him look strong. Instead he simply looked ridiculous.

  11. Yes, he showed Respect for the Church and what it stood for…..HE’S NOT THE ONE THAT SET FIRE TO IT, you can credit the so-called PEACEFUL PROTESTERS AND THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS AND THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA FOR THAT!

    • That wasn’t showing respect for the Church. The priest in charge and the head of the diocese both spoke against what he did. It was nothing more than a photo op for himself and he looked ridiculous and out of his element.

    • Edith didn’t watch her tv before the crowd of unpeaceful rioters were asked 3 times to leave as curfew was 15 minutes away and hundreds of them had to leave. She also did not see the bottles, rocks, and bricks being hurled at police & secret service people either. She needs both glasses and a hearing aid or a new tv station.

  12. Invoke the insurrection act, please Mr. President! Put Federal troops on the streets of these cities. The govners of these states that are encouraging and inflaming the racial tensions along with endorsing the violence through their race baiting speeches. Need to know once and for all that this is a president that doesn’t mess around when it comes to the safety of the lawful citizens of this country.

    • You do realize that every citizen has the Constitutional right to protest. They do not have the right to loot or destroy property. Those who are doing so should be arrested, but those who are simply walking through the streets with protest signs and shouting protests, have every right to do so. They also have a right to not be bullied and shot with rubber bullets or sprayed with tear gas. The most peaceful demonstrations have be those where local police show solidarity with the protesters by marching with them.

  13. Edith and George, keep your blinders on and go back to sleep! You are part of the problem supporting the Dems “demons”.

    • No, people who think you shouldn’t have the right to protest are the problem. America would not exist if there hadn’t been protests (and eventually even a war) against leaders who bullied the people and took advantage of them. ALL individuals in this country have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Justice. It is NOT Justice to seek out certain people to discriminate against just because of the color of their skin or their heritage. If you think this is ok, YOU are the problem.

  14. Trump is a disaster President. Everything he does is for show. Anything to get his face on TV. Complain about people protesting about a senseless killing of a black man? What about the White Supremacist killing of a white woman in protest in Virginia? What about Nazi groups marching in our streets? Oh, guess they are just “regular” citizens expressing their views! The worse president in my lifetime of 78 years!


    • “The moment was one of hope and strength” Pure B.S. Bringing out military police and attacking peaceful protestors instead of just telling them to move back because the President was coming ? The moment was orchestrated by him to make him look “in charge” and instead he looked ridiculous with a Bible he didn’t even know how to hold!
      He is a charlatan! A FAKE President!

    • What Edith just said – 100%! I can’t believe people are still buying into his tacky stunts – or, maybe afraid to speak up. He is, after all, a vindictive fellow. I doubt I will see this country fully heal from the damage he has done in my lifetime. All I can see in the foreseeable future is spite and division. A good economy is worthless if we have no soul.

  15. Here’s what I got from my Democrat sister in Mi. re Trump, the Bible, bringing in the Troops, shooting teargas to clear out Lafayette Park.He’s a Sham, a Liar & all his kids are employed by the Fed. Gov’t. These “hearings & nonsense” re Hillary & her e-mails are all WRONG because this “info” was sent to an unsecured laptop that Anthony Weiner used..All of this “stuff” is totally bogus.Flynn was NOT set up because he did a LOT of “stuff” in Turkey.George Soros gave all his $$$ away, so he is NOT responsible for L wing activism. N.J. is WORSE than Mi. since Trump did not shut down JFK, LaGuardia or Newark airports & that’s “WHY” “we” in N.J. have so many Covid-19 cases. She called to wish me a happy birthday. I finally said good-bye & hung up.


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