Trump Considering New Travel Ban

Trump Considering New Travel Ban

( – The Chinese government has been skating on thin ice for a while now. Its actions before and after the COVID-19 pandemic were particularly loathsome. Apparently, the Communist government doesn’t know when to stop.

Most recently, officials in Beijing imposed a new security law on Hong Kong, which outraged the international community, including the US. As a result, the Trump administration is cracking down on the Communist country.

According to a New York Times report, President Donald Trump is considering banning members of the Chinese Communist Party and their families from entering the US. The administration hasn’t finalized the plans, but an anonymous source said it might also revoke visas for those already in America.

There’s no guarantee the president is going to approve the travel ban. If he does, it’s likely the Chinese government will retaliate against US officials and/or citizens in the Communist country. But realistically, how long can our two countries continue down this road?

President Trump has repeatedly said he’s not going to allow China to take advantage of and disrespect the US. A travel ban seems like the logical next step if officials in Beijing keep stepping over the line.

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