Trump Dealt a Blow in Court

Trump Dealt a Blow in Court
  • Democrats have been after the president’s taxes since before he took office. 
  • The Supreme Court ruled Congress was not entitled to Trump’s financial documents at this time. 
  • New York prosecutors won their case in front of the high court in July to subpoena the records. 
  • On August 20, a court handed down a decision in Trump’s fight against the Manhattan district attorney. 

( – Democrats have been hunting President Donald Trump since he won the 2016 election. For nearly four years, the commander-in-chief has withstood sustained attacks from the Left. The battle over his financial records has been especially brutal and, unfortunately, a court dealt the president a blow on Thursday, August 20.

Trump Faces Off With NYC

On Thursday, US District Judge Victor Marrero ruled Trump didn’t demonstrate that the Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance’s subpoena for his financial records was imposing an unfair burden on him. Jay Sekulow, the president’s attorney, was arguing the court order was too broad and said an appeal will be filed.

Reporters asked Trump about the ruling and he maintained it’s a “witch hunt,” saying he’ll “probably end up back at the Supreme Court.” The president continued, calling the fight for his financial records “disgusting” and a “disgrace.”

Supreme Court

In July, the high court ruled the president doesn’t have immunity from criminal investigations while in office. They kicked the case over the subpoena back to the lower court, but the justices did tell Trump he could object to the court order on other grounds. That’s what Sekulow was doing with the current case.

Even if the Manhattan DA obtained the records with the grand jury subpoena, It necessarily means they would remain sealed unless formal charges were filed. That’s unlikely to happen before the November election, so it doesn’t look like this will impact the president’s reelection campaign.

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