Trump Doubles Down on Riots

Trump Doubles Down on Riots

( – Liberal mayors and governors have been asking President Trump to keep himself and federal officers away from their violence-blighted cities. Instead, the president’s taking a firm line.

In a tweet on Monday, August 31, Trump lashed out at Portland, OR, Mayor Ted Wheeler (D), warning him that if he doesn’t end the violence in the city, the federal government will do it for him. Wheeler has consistently opposed the use of federal law enforcement agencies to end the rioting that’s torn through the notoriously Liberal city for over three months now – but he’s been totally unable to do it himself.

Trump also confirmed plans to visit Kenosha, WI, despite Governor Tony Evers (D) appealing the president to stay away. But, in a tweet addressed to the police and National Guard troops trying to maintain order in the city, he announced, “I will see you on Tuesday!”

Clearly, President Trump has something in mind that doesn’t involve backing down.

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