Trump Enjoys Post-Acquittal Rally

Trump Enjoys Post-Acquittal Rally

( – Now that President Trump was acquitted of all impeachment charges, it’s business as usual. Part of that business is hitting the campaign trail again to counteract whatever momentum Democrat candidates have built up lately. His first rally since the Senate trial was in Manchester, New Hampshire, and it seems to be a great success for the Trump campaign.

Setups for the rally included elaborate merchandise shops ready to supply rally-goers with campaign gear.

During the speech, Trump talked about his relief about his acquittal of the charges so that he could get back to serving the country. He mocked Democrats over how the Iowa Caucus went, saying, “They don’t know what they’re doing. They can’t even count their votes.”

Trump also reminded his audience of the improvements America has undergone under his watch.

When the rally wrapped up, Trump was greeted by numerous fans on his way out of the stadium.

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  1. Was that a betrayal of you personally or a different perspective? Do all members always move in “lock step”?
    Do they not owe any allegiance to the citizens in their district? You are certainly one of the most intelligent “wheeler dealers” I have ever met! You will figure out how to turn this around!
    I’m more concerned about Soros moving into the neighborhood!

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