Trump Erupts as Liberals Celebrate OAN Cancellation

Trump Erupts as Liberals Celebrate OAN Cancellation

( – Former President Donald Trump has used his latest rally as a platform to slam continuing liberal censorship of the media. In the latest move from AT&T, it dropped a conservative news channel last week.

On January 14, AT&T media subsidiary DirecTV announced it wouldn’t be renewing its contract to broadcast One America News (OAN). The move came just a day after President Joe Biden called on media outlets to shut down “misinformation and disinformation” – in other words, anything that deviates from the Gospel According to Biden.

The announcement drew praise from the Left. Liberal politicians and activists lined up to praise the shutdown of OAN, while CNN, which has been openly calling for OAN to be “de-platformed” from social media, was enthusiastic. That’s probably not surprising, because AT&T also owns CNN.

Trump led the conservative backlash against the decision. Addressing a rally in Florence, AZ on Saturday night, he said DirecTV had dropped OAN because it’d been told not to renew the contract. It doesn’t take much imagination to work out he was referring to Biden’s demand.

Slamming AT&T and DirecTV for giving in to leftist activists, Trump called the decision “horrible” and complimented the station on its accurate reporting, saying, “It’s a disgrace what’s going on.” He predicted that people won’t stand for continued censorship, and added that OAN’s owners had asked Trump not to talk about a boycott of AT&T, “so I won’t mention it.”

OAN will still be carried by Verizon Fios and a few smaller networks, but it’ll be available in less than five million homes, down from the 35 million it reached with DirecTV. Free Speech in the US just became a little less free.

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