Trump Fights GOP to Help Americans

Trump Fights GOP to Help Americans

( – Earlier this week, President Donald Trump called for the next stimulus bill to take the shape of a massive infrastructure plan. He’s wanted to pass a plan to upgrade roads and bridges since his election. Although the $2 trillion idea seems like a tall order, the commander-in-chief knows exactly what he wants to do with the money.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is very enthusiastic about passing the next economic stimulus pack. Not everyone in Congress is on board with the idea, though.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said the speaker needs to “stand down on the notion that we’re going to go along with taking advantage of the crisis.” He doesn’t want Democrats to try and accomplish goals that are not directly related to addressing the pandemic.

McConnell isn’t solely opposed to Pelosi. Some of his GOP colleagues also don’t think they should consider other stimulus bills just yet. They want to wait until the three they’ve already passed play out. The lawmakers are attempting to be fiscally responsible, even though Trump has voiced his support for the infrastructure plan.

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    • Really jeff. Why about the rest of congress repugs and Dems ! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!!!

  1. Perhaps we should see how well the last “stimulus” plans work before “we throw more money at the problem” as usual with no real plan. Remember how well Dear Leader Obama and his social democrat party’s “stimulus” bill worked that shoveled tons of Federal money to their supporter with no infrastructure improvements. Dear Leader admitted later there were no “shovel ready projects” in the hopper. A lot of what the Dems put into these bills in the House (that they control) does nothing to address the problems anyway but are Progressive “wish list” items on voting, “green” agenda items, open borders, pay offs to supporters.

    • And passing a bill for billions of dollars for corporate America and trump is going to hand it out with no traceability? Really and you are ok with that

  2. Opinions are meaningless unless based on facts. Unfortunately, there is too much name-calling based on emotions….and no facts.

  3. Rick M You got it all so right..! I wish Teresa Bivings will listen to your advise, that is exactly what everybody liker her need to do: WAKE UP AND TRY TO USE THEIR GOD GIVEN BRAIN.

  4. Teresa B. I would hate to be you. Your world must be peopled with suspicious, greedy, needy souls. Birds of a feather flock together!

  5. My dear God, what is wrong with people spewing such hatred and criticism. Why can’t people here in our incredible country be appreciative Sure , not everything is perfect but let’s try to be civil and grateful

  6. Where is Theresa coming from. Where do people living all in the same country see things SO different. Greedy? He has not done one thing for himself . I am 82 years old, I consider myself one of the elderly and he has helped me tremendously. Our stocks went up enough so we could live a better life.

    • He did nothing for you.we are in debt to about 1 trillion dollars.his response to covid19 is ridiculous.the debt your kids and grandkids will be paying for a long time

    • And where are you now? It would be better to increase social security and cut your Medicare cost down than to have to rely on a fluctuating stock market. And you are about 45% of Americans that even have a stock or 401 k plan!

    • I knew about him living in ny.cuthroat scumbag.even I after the election said let’s see what he does first.he lost me with the tax cut that wasn’t needed

  7. I believe President Trump has the interests/needs of the country at heart. I’m disappointed that the GOP caved in the last stimulus bill by giving aid to other countries at the behest of the Demos. If a new infrastructure bill is passed, it better not contain money for Planned Parenthood, illegals or any other provision that the Demos have been pushing. When will the GOP realize they have the upper hand in this country and quit bowing to Nancy Pelosi. They give her more power than she really has. Make her and her party accountable for all the stupid, illegal and worthless things they’ve done. As far as any more stimulus bills, tread carefully!

  8. The epitome of ignorance ladies and gentlemen. No education and probably a career welfare recipient. More than likely from Illinois.

  9. I do not agree with Teresa Bivings. President Trump has done many good things for all of us. We are in this together,the more we support our Presidents (as the Bible says we should) the better it is. I’m sorry she feels that way !

  10. The democrats are the devils advocates In EVERYTHING they do,the sooner Americans realize that fact the better off we will be.VOTE every last one of them out of office in both the house and the Senate and you WILLsee our country do great things.NO MORE BABY KILLERS.

  11. That’s Bullshit he would not help the democrates or the poor or the elderly he want us to die so he won’t have pay social security or medicade he is so greedy I just hope I am still alive to watch him loose everything and Lindsey Graham and Mitch and Trumps family

    • teresa go back to school and maybe in a couple of years you will have learned enough to converse at this level

    • @Teresa Bivings, The two major democrat strong hold states–California and New York–have gotten more help from President Trump during this virus mess than any other states in the Union. Both of their governors have praised President Trump for his help and quick, decisive actions.
      If President Trump were greedy–as you stated–why would he donate his salary to a different charity every year?
      Teresa, the leftest-liberal media is depending on people like yourself to stay ignorant and gullible. Why don’t you try to disappoint them by pulling your head from you rear-end, and learn to think for yourself? It is the first step toward real freedom.

    • Teresa Bivings.. it seems like you haven’t learned anything, those do-nothing demo-crooks are thieves, takes votes from your group and do nothing for your group. your vote keeps them in D.C. in their million$ homes and their expensive cars. GET SMART.

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