Trump Files Lawsuit in Nevada (REPORT)

Trump Files Lawsuit in Nevada (REPORT)

( – President Donald Trump is very concerned about the integrity of the 2020 election. So much so, his campaign has filed lawsuits in multiple states to dispute irregularities. One of them is aimed at Nevada.

On November 5, the Trump Campaign filed a lawsuit against Nevada alleging “tens of thousands” of people voted illegally. Specifically, they believe non-residents cast ballots and want to make sure only the “legal” votes are being counted. Sources also allege campaign officials can prove ballots were cast for individuals who were deceased.

Sources also allege Nevada officials aren’t checking mail-in ballots to make sure signatures match, nor have they looked for other irregularities.

Republicans sounded the alarm about mail-in voting in the months leading up to the election, but their warnings were largely ignored by the media. Now, days after the election, the American people still aren’t sure who won or if they can even trust the results. It’s exactly what Trump and the GOP were afraid of.

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