Trump Focuses On Coronavirus at NC Rally

Trump Focuses On Coronavirus At NC Rally
  • President Trump says a coronavirus vaccine will soon be available.
  • New, tougher screening has been introduced for travelers from affected countries.
  • A major new funding package should be approved in the next few days, allowing the administration to fight the virus more effectively.
  • President Trump, who has been focused on the epidemic, also criticized rivals who want to politicize the outbreak.

( – President Trump took a robust stance at a Monday campaign rally in Charlotte, NC, praising his administration’s work on preparing for the coronavirus epidemic while slamming rivals who’re trying to use the disease to score political points. The president promised rapid progress and enhanced measures to protect the American people instead of political grandstanding.

Coronavirus Update

Trump says a coronavirus vaccine will soon be available and claimed the administration had taken “the most aggressive approach in American history” to counter the outbreak. Among the measures, Trump recently ordered an enhanced screening system. From now on, anyone flying to the US from an area with a high coronavirus risk will have to be screened before boarding their flight, as before, then again after arriving in the country.

With the virus now identified at several locations in the US, and at least nine deaths reported as of March 3, 2020, the growing crisis has been occupying a lot of the president’s time. He spent Monday meeting with pharma company executives to discuss the availability of medicines and also held discussions with the administration’s task force.

Emergency Funding

Congress is currently working on an emergency funding bill that’s been requested by the White House. Around $7 to $8 billion should be available, which is a big advance on the $2.5 million the administration asked for last week. Amazingly, this funding bill has bipartisan support. One worry was that Democrats would attempt to attach riders to fund their own pet projects.

Trump also criticized the Democratic Party’s leadership and presidential candidates for attempting to use the epidemic as a political football. Later, he opened that out into more general criticism, questioning the string of extraordinary gaffes made recently by front-runner Joe Biden and pouring cold water on the appeal of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

With coronavirus spreading, President Trump is going to be very busy with passing the laws needed to slow it down. It’s likely more travel restrictions will be on their way soon.

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