Trump: Free COVID-19 Vaccine for All

Trump: Free COVID-19 Vaccine for All

( – A COVID-19 vaccine could be just weeks away from approval to go to market. There’s been a lot of chatter about who’s going to get it first, and how much it will cost people. Fortunately, President Donald Trump’s administration has a plan.

On September 16, the CDC released a playbook outlining the administration’s plan for a COVID-19 vaccination for states and local governments. According to the plan, which was put together by health agencies and the Department of Defense (DOD), the immunization will be rolled out slowly, allowing individuals at the highest risk to receive it first.

Additionally, the vaccine will be distributed “by the federal government at no cost to enrolled COVID-19 vaccination providers.” Additionally, one of the requirements to become a vaccine provider is to “administer COVID-19 vaccine regardless of the vaccine recipient’s ability to pay.”

Making the vaccination free to those who want it will eliminate a blockade for uninsured and underinsured Americans who are interested in receiving the inoculation. There’s no concrete date for the rollout, but it could be as early as November 1.

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