Trump Gets to Work on Economy

Trump Gets to Work on Economy

( – As the country stays hunkered down in isolation, President Donald Trump is looking ahead to how we’ll recover when the peak of the pandemic is safely behind us. Right now, huge swathes of the US economy are basically shut down. Bars, restaurants and many stores are closed. Non-essential factories are at a standstill, and the country is losing billions of dollars a day.

On April 9, Trump announced that he’s putting together a new task force to get America working again when it’s safe to do so. He said he’ll announce a planning council on Tuesday with people America has “a lot of respect for.”

Experts say the economy will be very different once the crisis is over. Hopefully, that means we won’t have to rely on China so much anymore. This is a great time for the president to seize the opportunity to bring manufacturing jobs back home, creating new opportunities for American workers.

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  1. Great statements. Go Trump and made in U SA USA.

    Illegal immigrants should not collect Social Security not collect Medicare.

    Welcome to come to USA legally and honestly.

    President Trump 2020

  2. It is going to take a lot to get this country back to the America everyone loved. After this, COVID-19 will always be around killing off the older Americans and minorties. The folk they want to get rid of anyway. TRUMP cares about no one, especially minorities. Vote BIDEN fo 2020! Another 4 years with this bigot will not be good.

    • Marilyn, go back to school and take a spelling class. No women should be voting for TRUMP. If you do you need to go see a therapist for the mentally ill.

    • cutie pie,are not smart enough to see thru the democrats vile, hatred, criminal
      scams. President Donald J. Trump is a good, honest, intelligent and hardworking man. For the last 3 years you have benefited from all the hard work he has done,despite the liberal left, socialism and communist are trying to ruin The United States of America. What I can’t understand is why people like you

  3. We may never get back to normal unless we get rid of both viruses in this country. COVID 19. And democrap 2019. Hydroxychloroquine for one Sharppened Guillotine for the other.

  4. Give credit where credit is due and don’t blame the wrong ones for something they had no control of.

  5. Definitely, medications, food, clothes, etc. should all be made in America (USA) only.
    From now on, I will only purchase anything made in the USA.
    Vote for President Trump because he cares about this Country (USA) and the people of this Country.

  6. I have no proof but the Chinese could easily taint our meds. As they did in dog food and drywall
    . they could take half the country,out with tainted meds and other food items. Then they could take,over easily.

  7. Yes , make America great again . Bring jobs back to America . Can’t depend on those stupid Chinese people . Shit we can’t trust them on telling the truth , more likely with pharmaceutical medications . We have the technology to do out own stuff . Let’s leave them behind and when they least expect , nuke the bastards along with the Middle East ..

  8. In 2009 to 2010 the government waited 6 months before doing anything for the swine flue influenza. It added a lot of deaths to our already high count from the regular flue. We didn’t destroy our economy then, why now. People right now have allowed our emotions, media and political hysteria to take control of our lives and lively hood. The news is finally admitting that those that are suffering death have other health issues. The COVID-19 is making what ever problems you might have with your immune system and or respiratory system and making it worse which often leads to death but is still a very low percentage.

  9. Definately distance ourselves as much as possible from china. Reelect President Trump and oust the dems up for reelection who have tried to destroy our President and our country. This will make for a better and greater America.

  10. Back to Work for America!
    We do need to evaluate what is being made in China and bring home those businesses: first and most important is pharmaceuticals. We should never be dependent on China for our medicines and equipment.
    I always look for Made in America on anything I buy. Food especially, their standards are so much lower than ours.
    Next time you shop read the label first, if not made in America, don’t buy it. Our products are better and you can’t say cost more when you’re at Dollar Tree. Take plastic storage bags for instance, they have some made in China but they also carry some that are made in USA.

  11. There needs to be all manner of jobs brought back to the United States, so that way we are not dependent upon any nation for our goods and be under their control of supplies and demand.

  12. Certainly one has to think about having American made, and therefore ready access to PPE items. Waiting to buy from China at a better price is penny wise and humanity foolish.
    A serious review of other essential items must be made, and a plan executed, not on a political basis, for what should be American made.

  13. Good. More deaths (and desperation) will become the norm with a decimated economy, than a virus could ever cause. Americans know working and building a good life will only happen in a ‘pre-virus economy’. Don’t let the sky screamers make this call. POTUS is right, get back on-line!

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