Trump Gives Healthcare Workers Hope With New Deal

Trump Gives Healthcare Workers Hope With New Deal

( – President Trump isn’t using the Defense Production Act (DPA) a whole lot during the COVID-19 pandemic. He prefers to encourage private entities to provide the supplies America needs rather than forcing them to do so. His decision was fairly successful and some of the country’s biggest companies are stepping up. That doesn’t mean the commander-in-chief is afraid to put the law into action to get vital medical supplies to hospitals, as he did last week when he expanded his use of the DPA.

The president reached a deal with 3M to provide an additional 166.5 million masks to the US over the next 3 months. This new influx will go a long way to meeting the needs of our medical professionals.

3M was exporting masks to Latin America and Canada, and Trump requested they stop. However, the company warned stopping those exports would reduce “the net number of respirators being made available to the US” due to trade agreements. According to 3M’s statement this week, it’s the main supplier of masks to Canada and Latin America.

There’s good news as 3M announced that, by June, it expects to produce 50 million masks per month, a 40% increase from current production levels. While shortages might be a problem hospitals are facing now, the company and the president are confident that it won’t be an issue in the future.

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  1. There should be a middle ground here. Reduce exports some and increase domestic distribution some.

  2. So, 400,000+ Cases in the USA vs less than 1/4th of that for Canada and South America combined and people are seriously questioning why the man would stop shipments to other countries while we have front line workers going without proper equipment!

    Sorry Canada, we have to solve the problems here first!

  3. Well, it’s good that co’s are stepping up to help out. But 3M saying stopping sales to other countries would reduce net number of masks made to help US, in my opinion, is bogus. 3M just wants to make money. That is almost “indirect blackmail,” saying if you stop our sales to other other countries, then we will stop making masks for the US. Yes countries should be willing to help others, but not at the risk of their own citizens. Where is each country’s own, independent, industrial functioning to produce and manufacture its own supplies and products for its own citizens? Of course, if socialism/communism is involved, then a death sentence hangs over the population.

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