Trump Helps Most Vulnerable

Trump Helps Most Vulnerable

( – Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable populations in the US. This has been amplified since the coronavirus pandemic escalated. However, President Donald Trump isn’t letting this issue go unaddressed and is now sending direct aid to assisted-living facilities.

Retirement homes typically don’t have the same stock of medical supplies hospitals do. So, the Trump administration is sending a week-long supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) to over 15,400 facilities across the country. FEMA is coordinating the shipments to the assisted-living centers certified by Medicare and Medicaid. This will begin the first week of May.

Even the National Guard is taking a multifaceted approach toward combating the outbreak and part of its efforts include assisting living centers.

With a $110 million FEMA contract signed and ready to go, the Trump administration is doing a great deal for our seniors. This policy will free up resources for states as they work to safely rebuild and reinvigorate their economies. As things smooth out, local governments will be able to more easily provide their nursing homes with the assistance they need. Undoubtedly, the president will be watching and be ready to provide help as necessary.

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  1. America has a great President who was chosen by God to stand up against evil. So blessed to have President Trump!

  2. Trump is our President. Granted, he says things sometimes that are not correct, and so does all of humanity. I’m not a republican, but I have noticed how readily he is attacked by the media. I think it’s wrong. Why allow the world to see our leader constantly getting attacked by his own countrymen In my mind it weakens us as a country. It encourages other countries to look down on us as weak, and may give them the incentive to try and attack our country in numerous ways: believing we’re weak. Those in power should meet with President Trump in privacy. They should point out what they think his errors are and what his good points are. They should introduce what they feel would be helpful ideas, appose to attacking him like he’s not a person. I’m sure he shed tears like any other human being who’s being taunted and laughed at. As Evil as Kim Jong is I don’t believe, nor have I heard of him getting attacked by his media, like Trump. Our Country gives too much information to our advisories through the media.

  3. President Trump and covid-19 task force, we thank you for all your help. What we all really need is the true number of covid-19 deaths. Lets not included other causes of death mixed in with covid-19.

  4. Not All vulnerable people are in nursing homes. Many of my family and friends are in their 70s and trying to make it.

  5. None of you who want back to work and be on the streets are not doctors, have not a lost a family member, and feel the pain in your heart of not being with them in their final moments. I see lots of people walking the streets without covering their face. I sincerely hope that everyone take the responsibility to cover their face, and respect other human beings who want to survive this pandemic

  6. It doesn’t matter what you think of the president himself! It’s Trump as our President. Pray for our government! Period! There aren’t any changes your biting and bickering can make! The Lord established government, we voted for those in power! Right??? This battle is against spiritual forces anyway! Prayer is what changes things!

  7. Listen you liberal fools. This President does more for the people of America than your “fearless leader”‘ Obama EVER did. He has helped MANY people that you never have heard about with needs and goods that the media will never report. So while you are so hateful of this wonderful man, ask yourselves: What did Omuslim ever do? Other than rip off the American people, along with Hillary. Two rotten peas in the same rotten pod. Thank you President Trump for being a REAL MAN and bringing faith back to our country. And lets not forget he isnt trying to close down the churches like the commies want. Jesus Christ is what we need in this Satanic, sinful world. Try Him. He loves you too.

  8. Please let us get back to work then they’ll be no need for cares act or unemployment . We know we have the right to leave our homes or go to work but we as people want to do what is asked of us . And to our dismay we love our government even though they don’t deserve it .

    • if you go back to work then catch the virus what happens then? another outbreak happens may e even bigger than is better to wait till new cases decline before going back to work.

  9. It’s been four weeks since I applied for UI benefits and up til now I still haven’t received any check. Is America broken?


  11. Dear President, GOD BLESS All Your doing for us! I’m in Delaware, A Dumb Dem state. And 2 weeks ago I was 4 WEEKS behind in Unemployment. Finally got 2 checks over a week ago. Now no check again, I am 3, really 4 weeks behind. This is ridiculous. We don’t know what to do? HELP! GOD BLESS!!! 👁️🇮🇱🇺🇸🙏🕊️👍

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