Trump Helps Uninsured

Trump Helps Uninsured
  • Reports estimate more than 30 million Americans are without insurance. 
  • The cost of COVID-19 treatment for the uninsured could cost $14 to $48 billion.
  • As of April 24, more than 900,000 people in the US have been confirmed with the virus.
  • President Trump’s administration plans to spend millions to help the uninsured. 

( – One of the biggest concerns for Americans during the coronavirus outbreak is how they’re going to pay for treatment. For the millions of uninsured in the country, this is especially worrisome. Fortunately, President Donald Trump is stepping in to help.

The Uninsured

More than 27 million Americans were living without health insurance in 2018. The COVID-19 pandemic is making that number even worse. In a new report by the Economic Policy Institute, they estimate more than 9 million people lost their employer-sponsored plans when they were laid off in March and April.

Some Americans worry that if they contract the virus, they’ll be stuck with massive hospital bills. Their concern isn’t unwarranted. The Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan medical organization, is estimating the cost to treat the uninsured for COVID-19 could be as much as $48 billion.

The burden is going to fall on the shoulders of hospitals across the country. The reality is, many people just won’t have the money to pay and the medical centers will get stuck with the bills. Not because uninsured Americans don’t want to pay, but many can’t. They’re living paycheck to paycheck, barely getting by as-is.

The Trump Administration recognizes the problem and wants to help citizens and hospitals alike.

Trump’s Plan

On April 22, the Trump Administration announced its plan to help lessen the burden on America’s uninsured and its hospitals. The medical institutions will receive $10 billion beginning in May.

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said the money will go to hospitals based on the number of COVID-19 patients they’ve had. Doctors and hospitals will submit claims to the government. The Trump Administration will then pay them Medicare rates.

The news means uninsured patients won’t be billed. This will surely ease the minds of millions of people worried they won’t have the money for treatment if they get sick. The plan will help Americans and hospitals considerably.

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