Trump Hints At More Stimulus Checks

Trump Hints At More Stimulus Checks

( – In an upbeat press briefing April 5, President Donald Trump suggested the administration might be considering a second round of stimulus payments to help preserve the economy. He also had some encouraging news for the American people. The commander-in-chief said while the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is still to come, there are signs indicating the spread of the disease is starting to slow.

The president said, “we hope we’re seeing a leveling off in the hottest spots of them all.” His statement indicated the stay-at-home orders issued by most states are starting to work. The pattern from Europe shows the rate of new infections peaks around three weeks before the death rate does. If new infections are already slowing, which the president hopes is the case, the peak in the death rate is now within sight.

Trump highlighted the work being done by the military and federal government. He didn’t shy away from criticizing politicians who complain more than they help. Overall the message was simple: America will get through this.

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  1. Gail Quinones and all the other women on this post are the dumb and stupid ones if you support President Trump. President Trump has no respect for women. You should all know that by now. Standing behind this man means that you care nothing about how your own gender is treated. WAKE UP! Woman stand together and vote for BIDEN in 2020. For America’s sake President Trump needs to be removed from office. His own wife wants nothing to do with him. Maybe he can get another reality show that will show how disgusting he really is. His wi

  2. Jairo, are you serious? If President Trump could have his way all minorities would be sent to concentration camps. Please re-think your vote. He wants you to think he cares by sending these stimulus checks out. It’s about time the President helps his own people. All of the money (trillions) the USA sends to other countries to help them is ridiculous. Most of which wouldn’t help us and wouldn’t give a second thought in destroying the USA. No minorties should be voting for President Trump. He has got to go! He makes the USA a joke.

  3. Our great leader is on Twitter calling for Fox News anchor Chris Wallace to be fired. Don’t you think the President should be tweeting to the American people about the COVID-19 virus to try and calm the country? No, because he doesn’t care. As long as he doesn’t get it. Then he wants to fire Dr. Fauci? You know why? The government’s top infectious disease specialist knows way more than him and won’t agree with his nonsense. This is who you want to run our country for 4 more years? Bring on more stimulus payments. I could certainly use them but you still won’t get my vote.

  4. President Trump is a racist. He would remove all minorties from the USA if he could. No minorities in this country should cast their vote for Trump. More stimulus payments would really help but there is always a catch when the government provides assistance to you. Don’t be surprised if we all end up paying it back in a big way. Minorities watch your backs. The Presdent has expressed no love for us. This is a time for the country to come together and our President is still tweeting ignorant rants about the media. So childish. Is this the person you want in office for the next 4 years? Biden 2020!

  5. The richest country in the world running out of medical supplies. USA dependence on China to provide PPE to the USA. What is going on? The USA should never have to depend on another country to provide us anything. This is a sad situation for our country. Certainly has opened my eyes and hopefully will open the eyes of our government.

  6. If you don’t like Trump come up with a competent person to lead. Trump is not a racist. He is The President. Have some respect and grace. We all need this at this time.

  7. Yeah our black Americans are the ones who fools for whites people turning us against our own people.We black Americans are against each other.We don’t stick together.Let white Americans manipulate us about everything.Against good jobs good education good neighborhoods.We are blind we it comes to the white Americans.They don’t like us that why they put us in slavery and don’t regret it at all.They don’t like us whether we work for them or not.They give us low things.They don’t want us to have anything big.They think they own us.And black Americans are blind.They are extremely jealous of us.Because God gave us all of the talent.That why they want us to die from this virus.And through police killing us.And black Americans don’t see anything.Have to pick up behind the white Americans behind.God created this world for all of us to be free to live life the right way.White Americans stole everything from black Americans so they can be in charge.We can be anything you want to be.White Americans can be anything they want to be.The white Americans didn’t give us brains God did.The white Americans aren’t in control God.The white Americans can’t cure this virus or the weather.Make it night or day.That’s God because he created everything.White Americans only go with black Americans to control them or intimacy.White Americans do not black Americans.Wake up black Americans.No race like us just try to us Because we are brilliant smart people

  8. Americans need to see the need to get back to work and the need to protect themselves with masks and distancing for the sake of our country. Our forefathers didn’t run and hide from the enemy. They protected themselves and went forward. The news said 60% didn’t want to go back to work, since the media has scared them with the constant inflated numbers, but that 100,000 includes global numbers. If we had run from all our wars, we wouldn’t have the freedoms or the great nation that we do. And Mrs. V. we’re sorry, I had a typo before. We could all be bitter about something, but Communism isn’t the answer, since I’ve had family and friends imprisoned behind the iron curtain, as we are experiencing now. Our President was doing great in spite of the constant harassment by the Socialists, paid for by George Soros. Please stand with our President, so we can get our economy on track.

    • I just came across all these mean back n forth comments. What is going on here? The American people are being snowed by established politicians, and other countries are having a feeding frenzy chewing our country’s legs off while you bicker. We have been taken for granted way before Trump was elected BY THE PEOPLE. I am neither a Dem or a Republican, but I’m telling you this, the people (black white orange yellow and whatever) better come together and support our President. Give him credit for what he’s done for us, and stop whining n fighting here!
      You can’t blame me for what my white ancestors did to the black people! I didn’t do it!!! And, I am not a racist! I see all people the same. Yes, there are deadbeats in all races!! But for the most part, we are ALL proud hard working Americans.
      My beef is the illegals receiving all kinds of help when it should be going to our citizens (black white orange yellow whatever)!!!
      And if we aren’t careful, we won’t be able to say we are Christians!
      There’s more going in the deep shadow government that is far worst than what you’re arguing about here.
      Focus!!! Open your eyes, and ears, and come together before we have no freedom left. If that happens, it’s still not going to matter who did what to any race years ago! Now is what matters!
      I’m sorry that the blacks were treated so badly. It is unforgivable for sure. But please try to move forward. If an ignorant white person says stupid things to you by all means say your piece. But, our country is suffering badly right now. It’s no one man’s fault. Not even Trump’s fault. He was voted in because the dems failed to produce a candidate to challenge him. And it’s happening again. Biden can’t remember his own name, let alone handle the virus pandemic, and bring our economy back strong like it was a couple of months ago! And before Trump, the people wanted Obama to be our savior! I voted twice for him, and I’m white, and not a racist). Boy was I snowed. He’s going down as one of the most corrupt of all. So I’m giving Trump a chance to undue all the corruption that’s been in government way before he arrived in Washington.

    • Coleen are you on drugs or are you Trump’s cousin? Trump is part of the corruption in the Government. All white people say they are not a racist. You all are.

    • Eli, you seem to be a nice person but standing behind TRUMP, a racist will get this country nowhere. America will get through the pandemic but not because of TRUMP bt because of the strong people that make up our country. TRUMP does not care about you or anyone else.

    • Lol…Everyone on here that thinks President Trump is the country’s savior better be prepared for the worst. It will be coming if that man gets 4 more years to run the country. He wasn’t even suppose to win the election. He cheated. Hilary was more than qualified and should of won. The USA is no more the super power of the world. So sad all of you who will be voting for Trump. He has done nothing for America and never will.

  9. Ms. V, you are bitter, but don’t blame the President. It was the Pelosi and the Democrat Congress pushing 25 million for the Kennedy Center and the Arts. The Democrat party is not the John Kennedy party. They spent millions on impeachment. The media sensationalized our COVID numbers, though we had more flu cases, 45 million and 61,000 deaths in 2017-2018 with a vaccine available. We had Sorry about your loss, but we have people in long food lines, while agribusiness can’t market their food. Dairy industries are pouring out their milk and crops are rotting in the fields with no workers to harvest them. If they wait for their stimulus check, they won’t want to get back to work So if food industries don’t get people back to work, our store shelves may not be filled. If the Democrats would stop attacking this administration and join forces we would be a better, stronger nation. If Americans don’t get back to work, we will crumble at the foundation and other nations may starve who are counting on us. Please pray and unite.

  10. Help those that help themselves. The freeloaders are already getting ” their check” as they like to call them. Those that NEED Help should be taken care of, those that are parasites with no intention of working should never get any kind of assistance.

  11. People like you are the reason rasism , entitlement and welfare will always thrive! You are not a slave!!!!! You can have and do anything as I do! In fact! There’s absolutely more government programs and assistance for you then me because you are considered a minority! So don’t be ignorant and get educated! I don’t feel anyone owes me a thing!

    • You are so ignorant. You just assume I am a minority. There is nothing more dangerous than the conscience of a bigot. I have been around people like you all my life. It makes you feel big and important to put others down and you think in their place. That’s why I married a black man. It’s people like you who don’t recognize the racism within themselves that can be the most damaging because they don’t see it. The American Negro never can be blamed for his racial animosities. He is only reacting to 400 years of the conscious racism of the American whites. I hope my children never meet anyone like you. Trump has become the white God for you…lol. Good luck with that. Truth is on the side of the oppressed.

    • No one owes you anything because you already have everything if you are a white man. You’ve taken everything from everybody. But your race will soon be died out with all the mixing of races going on now. Don’t be scared though, your race might be remembered by someone in the years to come for pillaging, raping and trying to conquer everyone in the world. Grow Up!

  12. Ms. V The old saying…. if you keep your mouth shut ppl won’t know how stupid you are. You are a perfect example why black ppl are making so little progress in becoming the best you can be. The only racist I see here is you…. blame your poor approach to life on others, your writing and spelling is 3rd grade failure. Sorry, but you are a disgrace to your race and America.

    • In the past, the greatest weapon the white man has had has been his ability to divide and conquer. That’s what Trump does. I will never argue with an idiot and you definitely fit the bill. You will never drag me down to your level. You are a hater. More love less hate. Tell yourself that everyday and communicate with others clearly and maybe you won’t sound so dumb. Don’t be mad because I am smarter than you…lol Blame your parents…lol…Dumb hillbilly.

    • Shut-Up Allan. You are not an intelligent human being. Go to your job at Walmart so I can have a clean toilet when I use the bathroom.

    • Disgrace? Whose calling the kettle black Allan? Black Americans are not racists. We are against every form of racism and segregation, every form of discrimination. I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color. But we have a President who believes just the opposite. Sit down please. In fact have several seats. You are as stupid as they come. Not surprising though. Most in your race are.

    • Allan, I looked at Ms. V’s writing and it is very comprehensive so what are you talking about sir? You need to make sure you know what you are talking about before you comment on what someone has posted. TRUMP or TRUNK as I like to call him is a waste of anyone going to the polls to vote for him. Who was the one who sad the Corona virus was not going to affect us and wasn’t that bad? Now look what has happened. No prevention was done by our President. He looks like a fool just like you.

  13. Trump is a racist and down care if black American live or die.He has done anything for black American but criticize.He don’t care if you educated or not.He don’t want black Americans to succeed.He want you to stay in poverty.He want us to be slaves not equal to them.He brought those foreigner over here to punish black Americans.Those foreigner have screwed America up.Don’t know how to teach black Americans in high school or college or grade school.They can’t work here in America they screw up everything.No President we had has help black Americans at all.And black American follow white Americans to treat us black like a animal.And all people in the white house is prestigious.And white Americans in Dc or prestigious don’t want you to have a good paying job or live in a good neighborhoods.This not white Americans world this is God word he controls everything

    • Stop listening to the democrats propaganda. He cares 100% more than any democrat and democrats only care about your votes. Remember, it was the democrats who brought the blacks here and made them slaves.

    • You are so misinformed it’s pathetic! Obama is the one who started with wanting us to be overwhelmed with illegals! Trump is building the wall, remember?? He has done more for black America than any prez before him! You need to stop watching main stream media and expand your knowledge. It may also benefit you to learn how to speak correctly, because you sound ignorant.

    • Listen people this is the sign of the times.
      Read your Bible if you have one or get one.
      Look for the mark of the beast its coming.
      The number 666. Read about it. This is just the beginning.

    • WOW! Your the Racist, blaming your failure in life on White people. Imagine if you can, if you were born a White Male! The one who has been pushed aside all their life, because of reverse Racism! Also, because of affirmative action, where one that studies his rear end off is set aside to being accepted to a University because of Racism! OH! The Government told the University to take that under achiever instead.
      Seems Blacks have it both ways, “Black University’s” and neutral Universities, if a White can actually get in now days. Yet, I have to go to a Community College, get a job to pay my tuition, while the Black gets a free ride due to Pell Grants, and Illegals get a free education because they were bold enough to break our law.
      Yet, when you are lazy, want to party, break laws and blame the White man for your failure in life. Really, why do Blacks side with the Party which enslaved them in the First Place *The Democrat Party* It was the Islamic Muslim Slave Trader with their Spanish Partners, who went into business with Democrats during the 1700-1800’s t that brought Slaves here in the beginning! Yes, to work the Cotton Plantations in the South, then send the product to Cotton mills in the North for the Northern Democrats. Read, and learn History, It was not the White man who brought Blacks to America, for it was Islamic Muslims who are still selling Slave this very day. *Somalia* is a example for Blacks are still being sold into slavery by other Black Muslims.

    • You people think you know everything about Black Americans history. Everything was stolen from us. Our names, our language, our families, our history. How can you forgive or forget that? The government is still controlling Black lives by keeping us in poverty and only letting a few of us get out. We are a strong people and it scares you. It scares Trump. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone. Make a difference in peoples’ lives. Is that what you think Trump does? Well think again. All he wants is to make us as weak as he can. I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment. Trump needs to go and hopefully the country will wake up and elect Biden before it’s too late for everyone.

    • He down cares? You live in a freeloaders fantasy world. My ancestors were slaves, Roman slaves.
      I’ve some how put it behind……….

    • Freeloader? Excuse me Dennis but I work everyday in a hospital ICU in Miami. What do you do? Probably nothing. Sitting around waiting for that unemployement check I’m sure. Do something and go volunteer at your local hospital.

  14. Trump. Is not God….there only. One God. If talk about. Jesus. They. Talk about him. Those. Who. Think he.ur. savior. Then u burn with. Him.. u intitle to ur. Opinion. I wasn’t. Serve. A God. Who. Didn’t. Love. Me. And even. Thought. U. Think. He. God. .My. Jesus. Love u

    • God . Loves. People. Who. Kiss. His. Booty. God. Does. Not. Lie. He . Changes. . His. Mind. Remember. The. Holy. Trinity. God. The. Father. Putey. God. The. Son. Trump. God. The. Holy. Ghost. Kim. Trump. 2020.

    • Wow! The broken English? Read your Bible instead of mis-quotes! Larry seems to hate the God that actually loves him, and gave him a choice to serve the Devil or serve him. “Jehovah” not Trump. Remember we all are sinners, and only through Gods Grace we can be forgiven. The gift of eternal salvation is a free gift given by God to all those who will believe on Jesus and what His death on the cross really means for all of us. *Not Kissing Booty* Trump believes in God! Nancy Pelosi come from Democratic Crime Family from Baltimore and the Catholic Priest even refuses to give that evil Woman Communion. ” Because of her longstanding support for abortion, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), a Catholic, must be denied Communion under the law of the Catholic Church, said Cardinal Raymond Burke, head of the highest court at the Vatican.” Even, Joe Biden is in the same boat!
      “Catholic priest says he denied Joe Biden Holy Communion at Mass in South Carolina because of abortion views Former Vice President Joe Biden was denied Holy Communion at a Catholic church in South..”

  15. Well all of you who are all about Trump says a whole lot about you all are going to hell with him 👌

    • You democrats need to get a life. Trump is the reason we are still free. The democrats want us in prison camps and they are all ready for us. Complete with gas chambers and guillotines. Wake up before it’s too late. If a democrats gets the control we are all doomed.

  16. President Trump is God! He will do the right thing! He will stop the Liberals , the women and the negroes! God is GREAT! Vote Trump 2020! MAGA – let’s go back to 1850 and do it right this time!

  17. The President of the United States is someone we Look up to, someone who leads by example someone who is a good father and husband to look up to someone you can TRUST and be proud of someone who believes all men and women are equal regardless of who they are and where they came from and the color of their skin. Someone who once they are elected works with and for both sides. Someone who wants people to come together. Someone who doesn’t comment aloud against others. Someone who wants to make a difference but doesn’t want all the credit announced every day.Someone who takes care of the front line first before anything else.After all isn’t that how God looks at his children?

  18. Do the pneumonia vaccines work
    Like the pnunovac23 and prevnar13 too lesson the pneumonia of covid 19 ? Patients living with chronic conditions are told to keep up with their our pneumonia and flu vaccines shots like pnunovac23 every 5 years 3 before 65 and 1 at 65 ?

  19. These checks may be needed by some people but the FED cannot keep printing money without bad things happening down the road like massive inflation. To soften this economic disaster we get reparations from China for giving the world a virus disaster. China has about a trillion in assets we could get our hands on this year. We also must get back to work by the first week in May or tens of thousands of small business will go bankrupt.

    • John, that is a noble thought, except we own China trillions from the last bail out, so they’ll give us nothing. China basically owns us at this point. Yes more checks is not the answer, inflation is imminent. You’re right, If the lockdown isn’t lifted by May like we hope, a 2nd great depression will be upon us. That will cause more death than this virus ever could.

  20. I’m for Trump. He has done his best to get word out on how to protect ourselves using masks and hand sanitizer. Of course Schumer and Pelosi are blaming the whole thing on Trump. Did anybody notice how Schumer wears his mask underneath his nose? When he realized he was on camera he took it off as fast as he could and stuffed it under his coat hoping nobody would notice he was wearing one, the wrong way.

  21. Patient be patient be patient my God you can’t do this with the snap of a hand be patient it’s coming there is food out there there is shelter out there there is jobs out there just be patient and get through this you can’t get something overnight no matter what do not fear the only fear you fear is fear itself just praise the president’s he doing everything he can in his power to get money to you it is up to the system now to get that money to you do the right thing fill out the paperwork and be patient.


  23. Trump is ignorant and dumb. This virus has been around since last year and he was told about it in 2017. He did nothing. How can a country as great as ours run out of medical supplies for the hospitals. Stop buying from China and Russia. The US is more than capable of making whatever is needed for our country to survive this. What is $1200 going to do. It’s better than nothing but people wake up. Americans are suffering and most need way more than that to get through this pandemic. And what about after the pandemic? Trump can send trillions of dollars to countries to help them with their military and anything else that happens but can’t send American citizens but $1200? How about $1200 a month? Give me a break. Trump only gave every American money so he could get re-elected. If he had only listened in 2017 to the health officials the US would not have all the problems we are having now with this virus. Help your own country. No one is helping the US. Paying Russia to send us medical supplies. PLEASE! Can’t wait for Trump to get out of the White House. Hiring his family members, who know nothing, as staff. Trump is a joke not to mention a racist.

    • You apparently have been listening to much to the MSM liberal news. Where’s your PROOF?!

    • Pay attention to everything and I mean everything. Trump is all about America first plain and simple. He has been saying China was up to something and warned several administrations ,but All they did was give them a bigger edge to exploit themselves , now America knows we have to bring back all Jobs overseas back to the United States and rebuild our Country to be the best in the free world. No more corruption and start holding these politicians accountable for misuses handling of taxpayers money . I also think Term limits on Congress and Senate will help keep Corruption way down along with other measures. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!!!!

    • Miss V…you are an ignorant racist yourself. You are not wasting an opportunity to attack while most Americans are pulling together. Your facts are wrong but why let facts get in the way of a racist rant from a racist like yourself. Go look in the mirror what you see is the face of the new racists.

    • You must be looking in the mirror when you made that statement you are dum and stupid trump is the best

    • @Ms. V, Your comment must be meant as sarcasm because no one could be so ignorant as to believe what your comment claims.

    • I guess clinton would have been better. Trump has dome more good for America then most other presidents.
      Guess you will be voting for biden huh?

    • Wow wake up 1st China has control over 80 percent over our medicine also took our medical supplies from our own America companies it time we have a President who put people back to work. Trump put Jesus back in school. Our Country was built on America belief In God we Trust. All Obama did was make people have insurance we could not afford go sky high a dumbass. Bush made gas prices go up and enjoy the billons from hard working middle class American. Obama , Clintons Bush took America for a ride slowly hurting middle classwhy they got rich. Finally a President who loves America o.


    • Trump is a racist white man who doesn’t know doodley squat. He will never get my vote. The country is coming together because of the Corona virus? I’ve had 2 reltives die because of the Corona virus. I don’t see TRUMP offering any assistance to provide burial funds for anyone. He wants all the minorities to go back to where they came from. Well guess what that means White Americans too. This country was built on the backs of slaves. You can give trillions of dollars to other countries and send our military there to train them. In another 5 or 10 years we will be at war with that country. The world is laughing at us. When talks about reparations come up for Black Americans Trump says the country is broke. Really? Trump’s own father was a Communist. No one says anything about that though do they? Trump has divided this country more than any other President ever has. And he cares about America. He doesn’t care about anyone other than his own family and his rich white friends. If you vote for TRUMP to be in office for the next 4 years you will see how dumb and stupid you are. This country will get worse and more people will be even poorer and homeless. Do yourself a favor and look in your mirror and remember what you looked liked because in 4 years that mirror will be so blurred you won’t be able to see your face.

  24. not miney of us have by the way where are the checks for the people that had just started working with les then a couple of months and were laid off through no fault of there own and just bought a car or another means of transportation to get to work and now have a monthly bill to pay where is that money coming from the stimulus promised to give ALL U.S. Working Citizens who lost there Jobs through no fault of there own where are the checks these job Losses were due to the Coronavirus shutdowns by the orders of the Government so get the checks out to the people as the Feds Said they would There is no Excuses.

    • @Robert Williams sr, there’s an internet port hole for those in your shape to sign-up. All you need is a S.S. number, a bank account for direct deposit or an address for a paper check. Use your fingers on that keyboard to do a simple search along with a couple brain cells, and you will find that port hole.

  25. President Trump has proved to be a no nonsense leader and has stepped up to the plate many times and during this pandemic he has acted quickly proving again he is a great leader I’m pround to call him President.

  26. We are still a long way from knowing where and how far the virus has spread
    in the United states population do to lack of testing
    many people have been and are already infected with coronavirus with out national United states population being tested we will not be able to contain it. Just waiting to see when positive cases slow down and people stop dying is not working

  27. Trump is the BEST, We need to keep him. History will carry his name as all-time
    Best President and Americas’ greatest blessing.
    Everyone should vote for Trump.

    • President Trump does not need you women – you’all should be home listening to your husbands , being seen, not heard like Hilary Clinton and not bothering your perty heads! Trump 2020!

    • Larry, get off those opiods now dude. President Trump has no common sense and from this comment you posted neither do you…lol…You need help. Check yourself into a mental hospital quick. Use your stimulus check for therapy.

  28. I’m with Trump all the way! He has fulfilled every promise he’s made to us, and more. He definitely has my vote.

    • He definitely has my vote as well.
      NOT JOKING James orr!
      President Trump WILL go down in history as a great president who won his second term by a landslide. Sorry lying liberals. Four more years of making America what she was before, GREAT. PERIOD.

  29. As a minority, I am amazed about President Trump leadership in taking care of all of us. He will have my vote and support 100%

    • James when checks come… Give yours back. I think your a troll.
      I think there are many more who appreciate what he has done.
      If we would have listenend to the dems…. We would be in much worse shape.

    • @James Orr, Are you as stupid as your string of comments? If you are, you should consider suing the Board of Education. You have an excellent case because it is so evident that they failed you.

    • James, you got that right!. All these other trolls will see. Down with TRUMP! BIDEN is the right choice for 2020!

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