Trump Hits Biden on Immigration During Final Debate

Trump Hits Biden on Immigration During Final Debate

( – The final debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden took place on October 23. It was much calmer than the first face-off between the two candidates, and that worked out for the POTUS. He was able to repeatedly hit the Democratic nominee on his terrible record, including his track record on immigration.

During the portion of the debate about immigration, Biden brought up the president’s zero-tolerance policy at the border. The former vice president tried to pull on America’s heartstrings and claim the administration rips kids away from their parents.

Trump hit back, asking Biden, “Who built the cages, Joe?”

The president then reminded voters about former President Obama’s detention of unaccompanied minors at the border. Trump is right. During the previous administration, pictures of kids in cages circulated, causing outrage.

Accusing President Trump of locking kids in cages when Biden had a part in building them is the definition of irony. The Left is always trying to paint the president as a monster while refusing to acknowledge the actions of their own leaders.

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