Trump Hits Biden Over Child Safety

Trump Hits Biden Over Child Safety

( – The Democratic Party has itself in a tizzy because President Donald Trump wants to reopen schools. Presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden said he wants to reopen them “safely,” as if that isn’t what Trump wants as well. The president responded to the former vice president and called him out for his hypocrisy.

Trump pointed out Biden claims he wants to keep kids safe, but he’s silent when children are gunned down in Liberal cities.

It’s true that Biden has not called out Liberal mayors for their crime-ridden cities. Take Chicago for example; seven children were killed in shootings in the last two weeks of June and the former vice president said nothing.

Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) agrees schools should reopen because it’s better for children. The CDC has also released guidelines to accomplish the same.

President Trump is doing everything he can, including calling out mayors of violent cities, to protect America’s children. What is Biden doing?

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