Trump Invokes Old Powers

Trump Invokes Old Powers

( – President Donald Trump has recently added his signature to a few measures to help America fight back against COVID-19. In one of them, the president declared a national emergency under the Stafford Act. That declaration gave him access to a number of tools to address the crisis, including an additional $42 billion in emergency funding.

On March 18th, Trump announced he’s going to utilize the Defense Production Act (DPA) to help fight the spread of the coronavirus.

The DPA dates back to 1950. The US used it to respond to the Korean War, and it granted the president a broad range of powers. It allows the commander in chief more control over supply chains and resource distribution capabilities in order to respond to immediate national threats.

In 2011, former President Barack Obama also used DPA powers. His administration forced telecommunications companies to provide crucial information in an attempt to stop Chinese cyber-spying.

Trump has invoked the DPA “in case we need it” as the government ramps up its response to the coronavirus crisis. The president made the decision to protect the country from medical supply shortages.

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  1. I went to 5 stores on the other day just to see what the toilet paper thing was all about. The Symptoms of Covid-19 Virus doesn’t even have diarrhea as a known symptom. It is a very rare symptom at best. But even though there may have been some scattered products in 5 stores where the shelves showed products down, nothing compared to the TOILET PAPER shelves. Even the face tissues were there but not a roll of Toilet paper in 5 stores. All I can figure out is that someone was anticipating one heck of a TP-ing party in the near future. Being a little bit of a Prepper myself I already had a years supply on hand. Just Sayin.

  2. I agree! This whole over reacting BS needs to stop!y kids and grandkids are scared and upset school, and everything else is closed down. Think about it, 3 weeks ago President Trump gave an amazing State of the Union address. Economy soaring, plenty of jobs, less welfare. You have Nancy (skeletor) Pelosi ripping up his speech on live TV, quite disgusting. Now, Democrats and fake news have jumped on this, Putting not only our President on the line, but millions of people are being forced to stay home, no school, no jobs, nowhere to go. Top it off with Biden, Dems puppet, now will run against President Trump. I call this a Democratic wet dream. We, as Americans, need to raise our voices, let the President know, we are not scared. Stand with our President and we can fight this and all the Democratic hate in this world. I pray that you or a family member does not die from this virus because you wouldn’t be able to even plan or go to a funeral! I lost my Aunt, who was 96 last year to the flu. 10 other residents in same facility also passed away from this. Did they shut down facility, no!!! This virus is bad, but aren’t they all! The world can’t come to a halt. President Trump doing great things for our Country, we need to let the Government know, we will survive! Quit giving Dems and fake news your fear!

    • you appear to be as smart as a box of rocks ! do you really think people should be going to work,–socializing and so forth ?!! –you really are a blind follower,–thinking one sided. don’t be like trumpty dumpty,thinking only of yourself and how YOU”D LIKE it to be,get real, this is about all of us,–look at the overall picture!!

  3. First of all, Trump is a businessman not a politician. You have to have an ego to be successful in business and unfortunately it comes out.
    My question is , where was the media frenzy and shutdowns doing the 2009 H1N1 swine flu virus in which the US had 60 million people with the swine flu and 13,000 died in a year? But for Covid 19, it seems the media is focusing on every death. 300,000 people die from flu every year in the world.
    BTW, I’m not an Obama lover but the administration did react to the swine flu and declared a public health emergency at it’s onset before there were any deaths and NOTHING was shut down. Despite the recommendations of a congressman, the US Mexican border was not shut down either. 48 deaths were reported of Covid 19 before Trump declared a national emergency. Those are facts that are readily available despite Facebook posts to the contrary and what Trump himself erroneously said about the Obama administration. Another example of put foot-in-mouth for him.
    I survived World War II, As a refugee my mother and I survived the strengthening of refugee trains by US aircraft , the bombing of Dresden, served my adopted country in two combat areas, been all around the world, but I have never seen such media hype hysteria in the US as what is going on now, as I sit in my house because of “sheltering in-home” County mandate.
    I’m glad I’m retired, as well as no longer a self-employed small business owner. The SBO, 401k retirees and those are who are losing their jobs are going to be hit most by this drop of the economy.
    The irony is, the oil prices have dropped lower than it has in many years but now there’s no place you can go.
    I can understand the run on hand sanitizer, but what’s the deal with toilet paper? Has the whole world gone to s***?

  4. I am only “echoing” what the majority probably think. I don’t think the “stable genius” is equipped to deal with this. He only listens to himself instead of those who are qualified to speak. I don’t presume to have answers but the truth will always come out, no matter how some might deny it!

    • Truly you speak for yourself. How do know what the majority think? You are just expressing your own opinion and everyone is able to do that. Your views on the administration are yours and yours alone. Everyone is different. Instead of blaming everyone else or judging everyone else for the problems…each and every person should examine their oneself and take responsibility for their own actions and words and maybe just maybe this great nation ,that so many have died for, will come together and live a peaceful and prosperous life by being kind, positive and compassionate rather than being so negative, demeaning and full of hate and distrust

    • I am not being negative nor naive. I hate no one but I do hate this disease as does everyone. I try to take responsibility for my actions.I just want a functional government,always. Regardless of political party in charge.We are,a wonderful country,full of resourceful people.We will find the answers to this situation. Arguing or calling names doesn’t help .We hope and pray for this to be over soon.

    • I agree with RES….think positive….NO ONE cam blame this on Trump…he is doing everything he can to counteract this. YOU take respoonsibility for you and yours….it is no one’s vault….are you a little kid waiting for Mommie or Daddy to tell you what to do??? GROW UP>>>>TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF!!! If you have cancer, are you going to blame Trump?. YOU people make me sick…wimps, moaners and groaners…you’d never have made it through the depression…ooooohhhh…again GROW UP! The best thing you can do is PRAY! I am 84yrs. of age…I may very well die with this virus….but I sure as hell will not blame anyone…it is what it is. GET some FAITH….maybe my time to go??
      I don’t like your attitude…but I wish you well anyway!

    • Nadine, I am 75 . Why are you not keeping your thoughts to yourself? I appreciate dialogue whether it agrees with me or not. That’s the purpose of talking to each other.

  5. I’m trying to understand how some think this administration knows what they are doing. No one is perfect but Trump always thinks he is.That me first attitude is NOT what we need now. I believe the American people will get thru this but not by believing the lies or distractions of incompinate people.

    • Well, to start with, this has never been done before, just in case you’ve been in a coma or something.
      Secondly, these 20+ specialists are Doctors, research scientists and the best in their fields.
      Thirdly, if you have a solution, instead of mouthing a useless opinion, why not tell them what your solution is, in your professional opinion. Other wise, shut up, you’re a resounding gong.

    • i’m not blaming anyone for this.–trump’s now forced to listen to trained professionals. i’m surprised trump isn’t trying to blame democrats or the media,or saying it’s fake news.

  6. Are you are an idiot or just don’t care that this virus will cause the deaths of millions of Americans if it keeps spreading in our country. But that does not matter to you because you have already stated that it is more important to have a job than for people to be alive. You put no value what so ever on someone’s life !!!!! I hope that it doesn’t kill anyone in your family, but that would be acceptable to you as long as they had a job.

  7. S Boelter… So, first of all, Trump is listening to the Doctors and Scientists. However, they don’t run the country, nor should they. These are probably quite knowledgeable men in their field and can relay some important facts to be considered. However there is a huge difference between being knowledgeable and having wisdom. And far too many of these “professional s” are not wise. Most of them (and that may include you) are driven by emotion and not by reason, common sense and an ability to think clearly. If so, you could begin to see that the Problem (Covid-19) is about to pale in comparison to the Solution (shutting down the entire US economy). Are you really willing and ready for the catastrophic destruction of 300 Million Americans who will either loose their jobs, their financial wherewithal, their ability to pay bills,go to work, start a business, keep their home, take care of their loved ones, etc. etc. etc., all for trying to keep less than 1 percent of the population from dying? ( As of today there are less than 1,000 who have died). Where is your wisdom and common sense? Last year the CDC reported that in American alone there were 80,000 people who died from the Flu. Where was the outrage? Where was the fear of a National Pandemic? Why didn’t they shut down the entire economy to prevent those thousands of people from getting sick and dying? Wake up fools! This is politically driven by people who simply do not care about peoples lives – they “pretend to” care about people, but what they really care about how this is going to help them destroy the amazing Trump economy and regain their own POWER. If you were led by common sense, you would understand that. But I think you are one of the many who are delusional and unable to see reality and to think clearly.

    • Are you are an idiot or just don’t care that this virus will cause the deaths of millions of Americans if it keeps spreading in our country. But that does not matter to you because you have already stated that it is more important to have a job than for people to be alive. You put no value what so ever on someone’s life !!!!! I hope that it doesn’t kill anyone in your family, but that would be acceptable to you as long as they had a job.

  8. Greetings to all!
    Have you ever had hope for something and it came to pass? Or it didn’t? This is not lasting hope!
    There is only One True HOPE!
    God loves us all so much that He sent His
    One and only Son Jesus to rescue the whole world! ( John Chpt 3 )
    God The Father is using these events or happenings to draw each individual to Himself!
    Jesus Is The Way, Truth And The Life,,,,,
    I implore all to seek True HOPE…………
    Jesus Christ
    Our Real HOPE❤️

    • Peggy they blame him when the sun doesn’t come up. Those that don’t like him shouldn’t get a check since he’s not their president.

  9. Screw you, all we need is another armchair liberal expert!!! I bet you were right on it when you’re Obama waited six months to get his dead ass in gear.

  10. Sounds great. Only problem is that 45 doesn’t know what the —— he’s doing. He needs to sit down and shut up and let the doctors and scientists handle this. He’s done nothing but exacerbate the problem from day one.

    • Dear S. Boelter: Are you serious????? The reason you think Trump is not doing a good job is b/c you don’t pay attention to what’s really going on – you just catch the headlines of your liberal news. I was a Democrat by default until I started paying attention. I mean Really. Paying. Attention. in the 70s. That’s the problem w/libs & Dems your news lies to you so you never know what’s really going on. Why do you keep listening to news that has lied to you for 3 1/2 yrs? (1) They lied to you for 2 yrs that Hillary was going to win. (2)Then they lied to you about the Russia hoax. (3)Then they lied to you about impeachment. (4)Now they lie to you about Trump handling the Wuhan virus. Fool you once shame on them. Fool you twice shame on you.

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