Trump Issues Warning to Leftist Mayor

Trump Issues Warning to Leftist Mayor

( – New York City has been experiencing a bloody summer. The weekend of August 15-16 was particularly bad. So awful, in fact, President Donald Trump issued a warning to Mayor Mike de Blasio (D).

After seeing reports of an incredible amount of violence, the president told de Blasio that if he couldn’t get the Big Apple under control, the federal government would.

According to reports, there were more than 30 shootings over the weekend and at least 5 people died. In 2020, gun violence has nearly doubled this year compared to last. According to Fox News 5, there have been 888 shootings this year compared to 488 in 2019.

Eric Adams, former NYPD captain, said the politicians in the city aren’t responding with the “level of urgency” he expects to see when there’s a “high level of violence.”

Meanwhile, in July, de Blasio defended the New York City Council’s decision to cut NYPD funding by $1 billion. The Democrat said he was “very comfortable” with the move. Meanwhile, those police officers are now stuck dealing with a surge in violence in a city run by people who don’t appreciate that they’re putting their lives on the line.

Maybe it’s time for the president to step in and solve the problem, after all.

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