Trump Makes Unusual Discovery Demands in His Election Subversion Trial

( – Former President Donald Trump and his supporters have spoken out about alleged missing documents related to the January 6th House Select Committee. The documents were reportedly sent to the White House and not archived with the rest. The FPOTUS’ legal team recently tried to subpoena them, but the judge won’t allow it.

On November 27, US District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan refused to allow the former president’s legal team to obtain subpoenas for the so-called missing documents. Trump’s attorneys filed a motion on his behalf in the election subversion case against him in Washington, DC. According to the lawyers, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case against him closely mirrors the allegations the bipartisan House committee made against him last year.

The legal team wanted to subpoena the records, members of the committee, including Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS), and other officials. They argued the officials were withholding information from the Trump legal team. They also believed the House committee was working with President Joe Biden’s administration.

Chutkan determined the former president had not met his burden as required by law to have his legal team’s request granted. She said the former president had not sufficiently justified his requests and didn’t establish how the documents were related to the case against him. Further, the judge ruled that some of the documents the president wanted were already sent to his legal team, and the lawyers had previously acknowledged that.

The federal judge accused the Trump legal team of asking the court to allow them to use the discovery process as a fishing expedition. That isn’t what discovery is supposed to be used for, so she denied the request.

Chutkan has repeatedly ruled against the former president during the legal process. She is one of the judges who issued a gag order against him, but it is currently being reviewed by a higher court. The subversion trial will begin in March, the day before the Super Tuesday primary elections.

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