Trump Meets With Russia Despite Impeachment

Trump Meets With Russia Despite Impeachment

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, President Trump and the Trump administration met this week, the same day that Democrats unveiled their impeachment charges. This is the first time Lavrov has visited the US since 2017. At that time, Trump was combating allegations of his alleged collusion with Russian entities.

Mike Pompeo and Lavrov met at the beginning of the day. Pompeo assured his Russian guest that the US is committed to strengthening relations in spite of domestic politics. He stated:

“We didn’t pick this date to coincide with the process on Capitol Hill, but we can’t allow the zaniness that’s taking place on Capitol Hill to impact our job.”

Meeting topics included business relations, arms control and Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, conveyed his desire for a swift renewal of the New Start treaty, the last major arms treaty still in effect between the two countries. The Trump administration wants to include China in the treaty because they’re nearing parity with the US and Russia in nuclear arms.

As talks continue, Lavrov is expected to bring up the roles of the US and Russia in countries like Iran, North Korea and Syria.

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