Trump Not Backing Down

Trump Not Backing Down

( – Over the weekend, Democrats were absolutely outraged that President Donald Trump was trying to protect Americans in Portland. Liberal mayors said they don’t want federal authorities in their neighborhoods. If they thought the commander-in-chief was going to back down when it comes to the safety of citizens, they’re sadly mistaken.

Instead, he’s ramping up a program to help cities battle crime.

On July 22, Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr announced they’d be expanding a program called “Operation Legend” that was created earlier in July to combat violent crime in Kansas City. Federal authorities will now deploy to Chicago, Kansas City and Albuquerque to help solve murders and take down gangs. The agents will work hand-in-hand with local officers.

Additionally, the administration will continue their efforts to work on the ground to combat rioters, but that’s a different program.

FBI, Homeland Security, DEA and agents from other organizations will deploy to these cities. The administration is also increasing funding for local law enforcement agencies to help them hire more officers and procure equipment.

The president wants to get crime under control across the US. Once again, Trump is showing America he truly values law and order in our country.

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