Trump Optimistic on Quick Return to the White House

Trump Optimistic on Quick Return to the White House

( – On Friday, October 2, President Donald Trump became the first chief executive since Ronald Reagan to be admitted to the hospital for an extended stay. The president announced that he and his wife had both tested positive for COVID-19, and he was taken to Walter Reed Friday evening.

There are conflicting reports about how seriously the president has been affected by the disease, with his own doctors more consistently upbeat than the White House medical staff. On Friday, he complained about having difficulty breathing and was given oxygen. He’s also being given an experimental course of drugs, including COVID antibodies. By Sunday, the president was well enough to briefly leave the hospital to wave at supporters camped outside Walter Reed. He also said he hoped to be discharged on Monday.

Meanwhile, he’s still working to help the country recover from the pandemic. On Saturday, he urged Congress to work together to pass the next stimulus package. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said talks are progressing and he believes a solution could be close.

This just goes to show how dedicated President Trump really is.

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