Trump/Pence Officially Nominated

Trump/Pence Officially Nominated

( – The Republican Party has officially nominated its candidates for November’s presidential election – and, to nobody’s surprise, they’ve gone with the same winning team that scooped the White House in 2016. President Donald Trump will be running for a second term and Mike Pence will, once again, be his running mate.

While the president has faced some opposition from within the party, his support has been overwhelming in general. The Democrats are making a lot of fuss over the roughly two-dozen former GOP legislators who’re running a “Republicans for Biden” campaign.

Overall, the Monday, August 24 RNC vote was a formality, with Trump taking every delegate except a single Iowa one, which went to Bill Weld.

The near-total unanimity behind President Trump is a sharp contrast to the bitterly-fought Democrat campaign. For all of its sound and fury, the campaign still ended up delivering a tired candidate who first failed to take the White House over 30 years ago. On the other hand, the Trump-Pence ticket is much more encouraging.

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