Trump Pressures FDA

Trump Pressures FDA

( – President Donald Trump is doing everything he can to help scientists find treatments for the coronavirus. He’s already fast-tracked a few anti-malarial drugs, which may help lessen the symptoms in some cases, for further research. Now, the president is looking at a Japanese drug to fight COVID-19.

The decades-old flu drug, Avigan, is currently undergoing clinical trials in Japan. However, there are unknowns about the drug’s effectiveness and concerns about the side effects it produces. Right now, critics don’t believe there’s enough data on the drug to warrant use for treating COVID-19 cases.

Trump is working with the FDA to have it authorize Avigan with emergency-use authorization (EUA). The president’s administration is enthusiastic about the drug’s potential. While the world scrambles for a coronavirus vaccine, perhaps further research into the drug could aid in that endeavor.

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  1. Hydroxychloroquine and a zpak. Open the flood gates as it has already helped many. Mask and glove up for your loved ones, if not for yourself. Stop playing politics…..use common sense!

  2. I’ve been keeping up to date for any type of soulution to rid us of the covid 19 virus
    From what I understand they have tried the drug on patience’s in Japan and it seems that it works
    À Ivan has other uses but it’s relatively
    Easy to produce and it’s readily available for everybody ….

  3. Ah Ah Ah , President Trump is at the front line to push up scientists to propose solutions to heal the VIRUS . Any idea
    will do …and Trump will go to the electorate and claim for
    the CREDIT of his actions aand don’t forget to vote for ME .
    I am your HERO ! WHAT A JERK !!!

    • hate hate hate…..we are all interested in some kind of cure so whatever THE President does to get us there is a good idea….get over the other crap at this time. nobody wants to hear that from you so please stifle yourself. what have YOU done to help? I”m guessing ZERO…

  4. Correction for earlier post: making sure they are NOT used in this country.
    If a product has gone through reputable clinical trials in any country, it should be acceptable to be used here.

  5. The FDA & CDC is nothing but a goon squad for BIG Pharma. Making sure that natural remedies and other medications that cannot be patented with big profits for them are used in this country. To hell with the patient. FDA is made up of reps for big pharma. Research banker told big investors ” curing disease is not a good business model. China used IV vitamin C against virus. Won’t see that in a hospital here. It is too cheap compared to a high price prescription and no side effects that require additional medications. FDA has a strangle hold on the system of getting well.

  6. From the very beginning I’ve been upset with the WH, both political parties,local politicians and everybody who has decision making powers. All those involved and even now make decisions keeping in mind they Don’t want to piss off those who now or in the near future (american’s) may be casting a vote because making ones self look commanding is more important than taking the bull by the horns and make those HARD Decisions whether people get upset or not. These millennials dancing on the beaches during spring break, saying to hell with social distancing etc. should be jailed. they’re endangering and spreading the virus. declare a National Emerg. and do what needs to be done and screw the critics. As for the blonde hair idiot in the WH, get off your ( look what I’ve done) soapbox because you’re not leading your simply trying to stockpile votes for re-election and the Dems. are no better in coming forward with any positive resolves. Elected officials regardless of their party keep forgetting they were put in office for the people’s best interest not their best way to get votes. A dead resident can’t vote, those who loose somebody will point a finger and you’ve lost what you you wanted, VOTES.

    • Lloyd … find another outlet because your comments seem based purely on sour grapes. The president is out there in front – where he should be. At least he knows where he is, what he is doing, the names of the people he is standing with and is well aware of the purpose of his daily briefings – to educate, inform and keep Americans abreast of any new treatments, developments or problems. Frankly, I am sick and tired of you back seat drivers who feel you have an answer (rarely if ever – usually just full of hot air) to the world’s problems. Just think, we could have had that harridan, shrew, Hillary in charge. Now, if that had happened this country would already have sunk!

    • I suppose you would prefer someone like “SLEEPY JOE” or “SOCIALIST BERNIE” up there trying to do what’s best for the LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, eh….No Thanks, that would set us back to the STONE AGE, of course you LIBERALS would feel at home there!

    • You are absolutely right. This epidemic has shown just how much our government has disintegrated into a bunch of people who spend most of their time trying to make sure they get re-elected rather than really working for all of the people. What we need is a good revolution! Get rid of both parties . Everyone be an independent and try something new.

  7. If an infected person is willing and they are not improving they should be allowed to try whatever drugs, experimental or not under close supervision. To do nothing at all is criminal, I say give all patients the malaria treatment meds and pull out ALL the stops! Let’s get this rolling!!!!!

    • Do you have the Corona Virus?
      If yes, you can take what you want and be the first one!
      If not, shut up!!!

  8. Greetings! Yes, I understand the importance and critical fact of needing sufficient research to guarantee, as much as possible, the safety of a drug before releasing to healthcare providers for being prescribed. Frustrating is that in this type of emergency, vaccine(s) are needed “yesterday!” So to speak, it is past the point of time being “of-the-essence.” As President Trump has directed, research and development(R&D) is being pushed in the form of “extreme, priority, overnight deliverance.” Too many variables and unknowns to deal with, as well, corrupt, lying, deceiving, controlling individuals in this “game.”

  9. It’s not a flu virus though. It’s a bio deadly virus. It was made in the lab in China. Gloria Jean seems to be working. Doesn’t need to go through FDA because it was already tested in France. It’s a pandemic

  10. It’s not a flu virus though. It’s a bio deadly virus. It was made in the lab in China. Gloria Jean seems to be working. Doesn’t need to go through FDA because it was already tested in France.

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