Trump Pushes WHO to Recognize Taiwan

Trump Pushes WHO to Recognize Taiwan

( – President Donald Trump has put forward a draft proposal to include Taiwan in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) upcoming assembly. The move is seen as a long-overdue recognition of the country’s status as a democracy. Some also view it as a pushback against communist Chinese influence, and a rebuke to the WHO for its pro-China behavior.

Chinese communists have long refused to accept Taiwan’s membership in the WHO and other international organizations; they argue the country is a “renegade province” of China, not an independent nation.

The WHO has obediently followed this line and it’s had tragic consequences.

Taiwanese health authorities warned early on the coronavirus was highly infectious. The WHO didn’t acknowledge that. Instead, at the time, the organization repeated Chinese propaganda and said there was no evidence of it spreading from person to person. Now the Trump administration has had enough. It wants to hold China to account, and acceptance of Taiwan looks like one of the concessions America is demanding.

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  1. one should look at History and see all the Mess that the US j has scattered around the world . Americains should free AMERICA to the Ameri-Indians . America is a Red-Indian Land .

  2. Really! Hmmmm…didn’t Trump say in January and February that China was being transparent about COVID-19?

  3. I thought it was terrible years ago when they dropped taiwan so china could join. They should of never done that. Put taiwan back in absolutely.

  4. Crazy Trump is no more a member of WHO , for he refuses to pay his contribution; So Trump has no SAY . (Sorry Mr Trump ). Alaska is part of Russia so America should give it back to Russia . America should liberate CUBA , come on it is times .
    America should FREE Afghanistan , come on , people are suffering.

    • Hey pinhead you sound like a Chinese simpleton.
      Put your head back up your ass and shut the hell up.
      If you don’t like what president Trump said ?
      Move to China and get the hell out of America.
      Learn to eat a lot of noodles pinhead.

  5. We do nit need the WHO AS SUCH : I suggest -1- Regional offices A Eurasia Include Europe and Asia .
    2- Americas
    3- Africa
    4- Asia and Oceania
    This Plataform will allow : A- Safe resources bettter distribution of resources solving regional problems .
    B- Start analyzing and study migration and the consequences on health, eduction , depelpment and measures to prevent and humanize and resolve the causes if migrations.

  6. I agree with Tom. I don’t usually make predictions, because everyone that I have ever made has come true. I am not going to claim this as a prediction, but a strong belief. To prove that this was a Dem. Party thing. “IF” President Trump gets re-elected, we will have another Pandemic, or worse; if he does not get re-elected all of this will stop. Proving that this was invented to GET RID of Trump. They failed to impeach him.

    • You must be insane that you really want to have another pandemic? You want be from another planet. How a decent human being wish all other people to suffer?
      Please do not relate politics with diseases!

    • That like Salem witch trials,, if she burns or drowns then she wasn’t. I rather see a pandemic with Trump, then leave Socialism for my children’s children. WE will survive this pandemic and bring back the economy. With or without the naysayers.

  7. Right on, Tom! It should have been done years ago…. Actually, we should never have ceded to
    Red China’s demand that we sever relationship
    with Formosa/Taiwan as a precondition to exchanging ambassadors with the Communist
    Regime in Peking. How many millions did Mao
    butcher during his so-called Cultural Revolution?

  8. The USA should recognize Taiwan as a separate country and exchange ambassadors. This would be a powerful push to the rest of the world, including The Who.

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